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Frankspeech com What are the features of the FRANK?

You may have used various social media platforms for personal use. You would use different types of languages ​​in it, but did you ever think what if this platform could lock your account just because you didn’t follow the rules. Yes, I am talking about the reality in the United States.

Frank is a social media platform for freedom of speech, but has recently appeared in the news due to controversy. has blocked the use of profane or cursed words on its platform. He strictly ordered people to follow this rule. So let’s look at the details of this message.

What is FRANK?

It is launched by Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow. It is a social media platform that enables freedom of expression that enables people to talk to each other through it. It would officially go live on April 19, after which people could easily create and access an account on it.

What are the news about

There is a movie circulating among people claiming that any language can be used on this platform; you could say anything but some swearing, porn videos and death threats would not be allowed. The site will censor it.

This is now a Lindell video website. It also includes a box through which people can have VIP access.

He says that freedom of speech does not mean pornography and the threat of death; you need to choose the right words for communication. explained that four curses starting with the word “c”, the “n word”, the word “f”, and some divine name would be censored in vain.

What are the features of the FRANK?

According to Lindell, Frank would be a combination of YouTube and Twitter; yet people are unclear about its function.

What would be the impact of this rule on the social media platform?

It would definitely be a mess. It would be difficult for people to accept that they have to control their choice of words in order to express themselves. This can make this app unpleasant and not easy for humans to use. Therefore, needs to be very confident in its steps.

Final Verdict:

Lindell is the president of MyPillow and a very close friend of Donal Trump, the former president of the United States. He has invested a huge amount of money in a social media platform, Frank, a free speech social media platform. But controversy arose when the video said that people would be allowed to use swear words, porn videos, and death threats on this platform. This sparked controversy and debate about and its freedom of speech.

Let’s look at some more details; what will be the modification on this platform. What are your views on this freedom of speech? You can share your views in the comments section below.

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