Fun and Festive Things to Do in Armenia in Winter

For many, Armenia is associated with the sun, summer and warmth, but in fact this country is no less beautiful in winter. Many areas are covered with white fluffy snow, cities are beautifully decorated, and a warm atmosphere and anticipation of the New Year holidays reigns around. For those who decide to spend their winter holidays in Armenia, we offer several options for an interesting pastime, so grab your car and lets start the journey! By the way, renting a car in Armenia is so popular.

Go skiing and snowboarding.

The mountainous landscapes of Armenia and the climate are perfect for lovers of active winter holidays! One of the most popular winter resorts in the country, of course, is Tsaghkadzor – a real paradise for skiers who come here not only from different cities of Armenia, but also from all over the world to experience a real drive down the magnificent mountain slopes. The city has a 4-seat well-equipped cable car, exciting ski slopes, hotels that meet high standards, as well as quite a few good restaurants. Ski equipment can be rented here at very low prices, and those who wish can also use the services of an instructor. If you climb to the highest point of skiing (2819 m), you will see a breathtaking view of Mount Ararat. In a word, Tsakhkadzor is a great option for those who prefer active holidays and want to spend it in Armenia. Come by yourself and you won’t regret it!

Taste fragrant Khash.

With the onset of cold weather, the season of khash opens in Armenia – an original Armenian dish, which occupies one of the most important places in the national cuisine of the country. Khash is a very thick broth made from beef legs and tripe and boiled overnight. It turns out to be a delicious and very healthy dish, and it is served with garlic and Armenian lavash. By the way, no matter how surprising it is, it is customary to eat broth not for lunch, but for breakfast in the early morning. For Armenians, this is a real ritual that unites relatives and friends. At the height of the season, khash can be tasted in many restaurants offering national cuisine, among which the famous ones are Kapela, Mimino, At Artash, Yerevan Tavern and many others. Visiting Armenia in winter and not tasting khash would be a big omission!

Attend a Christmas service.

As you know, Armenia became the very first country in the world to adopt Christianity in 301, and it is from this significant date that the Christmas holiday is revered and widely celebrated in the country. Christmas is celebrated here on January 6, and on Christmas Eve on January 5, a Christmas service is held in all churches. Believers bring fire from the church, and in the evening they set up a festive table, on which the main place is occupied by fish dishes and festive rice pilaf. If you want to feel the beauty of the celebration of Christmas in Armenia and learn about Armenian traditions, then it is best to go to Etchmiadzin, the religious center of all Armenians and the residence of the Catholicos of the Armenian Apostolic Church. It is here that the main service of the country is held.

Visit the Christmas market.

For several years in a row, starting from December 14, a wonderful bright colorful Christmas fair has opened on the Northern Avenue of Yerevan. Here, in 30 festively decorated pavilions, various souvenirs, sweets and decorations symbolizing the New Year holidays are sold. Cheerful holiday songs are played to keep the guests in a good mood. The fair operates every day from 1 pm to 10 pm and continues until January 6th. So if you want to buy New Year’s gifts and souvenirs, feel free to go to the fair, it will be fun!


There is great news for ice lovers: there are two well-equipped ice rinks in Yerevan where you can rent skates and have fun. One of them is located right next to the Opera and Ballet Theater. This wonderful swan lake in winter turns into a large outdoor skating rink, where music sounds and a cheerful and festive atmosphere reigns.

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