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This post on Gabriel Crime Scene Photos will give you an update about the murder of Gabriel.

Are you familiar with Gabriel’s murder? Are you familiar with crime scene photos? Gabriel was 12 years old when he was murdered. After hearing the news, many were shocked. Many readers don’t know the full story of Gabriel or Daniel. People from other countries, including the United States, are searching for the complete murder story and crime scene photos in Gabriel’s case.

Let’s start this post about Gabriel & Daniel Crime Scene Photos.

Gabriel Crime scene photos.

Daniel, a 16-year-old friend of Gabriel, killed Gabriel at the age 12 Daniel broke into Gabru’s house and brutally killed him. The crime scene photos from Gabriel’s murder have been released. Some photos are online, while others are accessible on social media. One picture of Gabriel’s half-cut body was revealed. The other shows his legs, stained bloody floor and door, as well as the crime scene photos.

This post contains some photos. We don’t have all Photos because they might be extremely sensitive to readers.

Why Daniel killed Gabriel

Gabriel was robbed by Daniel. Gabriel and Daniel became close friends and began hanging out together. The tibia was a popular online game at that time. Gabriel borrowed from Daniel 20,000 virtual currency of Tibia one day. Daniel asked Gabriel for his money back after a few days but he did not answer. Gabriel removed Daniel’s social media accounts from Gabriel.

Daniel was furious. Daniel made a decision to kill him. Daniel reached Gabriel’s home on the 23rd of July 2007.

Read the full story at Reddit.

Reddit and other platforms allow you to read the entire story. Let’s continue with the murder case. Daniel told Gabriel to come in when he reached Gabriel’s home. Daniel entered Gabriel’s house and told him to come in. After some time, Gabriel felt unconscious and Daniel began torturing him. Gabriel was harassed by Daniel and he tore his clothes. Gabriel was helpless. Daniel pulled out the wire from the game console and choked Gabriel. Gabriel couldn’t help but be helpless.

Daniel decided to conceal his body by hiding it in a Crawl hallway trap door. He decided to make his body into pieces in order to conceal it. He used a hacksaw for Gabriel’s body, as per the images. After slicing his leg, he cut the lower half. Daniel was also present when police discovered Gabriel’s body. He did not flee and admitted that he had murdered Gabriel. He also said that he wasn’t guilty of his murder.

A brief overview.

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