Galaxy Z Fold 3 : According to Samsung, the Fold 3 will be thinner and lighter

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is more than existing and will be released next year. It seems that 2021 will be busy because Samsung has a portfolio of devices to launch. From cheap devices to flagships, Samsung will be busy. It’s undeniable.

Now, as far as the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is all about, this will be Samsung’s third foldable, and the latest tip we have in hand talks about how Samsung claims that the Fold 3 will not only be thinner, but lighter.

For foldable devices, it is still considered an early generation, so it is fair to give the benefit of the doubt that future phones will get better.

Samsung, Galaxy Z Fold 3 design improvement goals next Galaxy Z Flip will also be improved.

At the Samsung 2020 Investor Forum, Samsung talked about how it will work to launch thinner, lighter foldable devices, and it’s safe to say it will be the Galaxy Z Fold 3, which is scheduled for release next year. Apparently, this dinner was held for investors according to the report, as all eyes are on Samsung and how to gain market share and go further.

Samsung has shared some slides and is looking forward to popularizing the foldable category based on them, which makes sense as a whole because it still doesn’t meet mainstream standards.

Now, Samsung has not revealed much about the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3 but claims that the device will be released along with cameras and other improvements under the screen. However, one of the main reasons for not buying a foldable device is that it is quite thick compared to what they offer.

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