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Game Shows For The Whole Adult Family Trivia, Word Games, Crosswords & More

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A fantastic way to spend your free time is to do activities that make you joyful and more at ease. One such wonderful alternative is to watch game shows with your family.

While taking part in one is enjoyable, one shouldn’t undervalue how much pleasure it is to watch different competitors face off against one another. It’s fascinating to follow a player’s development from their initial play through to becoming a victor and receiving a prize.

Nevertheless, participating is easier than ever, with no longer standing in long queues, buying tickets, or walking for long to become a participant.

For instance, Gambino slots allow you to play these interesting games from the comfort of your home. Since you can also play the games from your mobile phone, you can be a participant even when on the go.

Let’s dive into this interesting topic of how to get entertained.

Various Types of Game 

There are a tonne of family-oriented games, including trivia and word games, that can be enjoyable for both you and your family, 

Fortunately, various game shows fall under different categories. Some are perfect for the whole family, including adult game shows.

That said and done, what are your options? There are a variety of game shows worth your time.

Options include Hidden objects, Crosswords, Guessing games, Word games, Riddles, Puzzles, Quizzes, and Trivia games. So, one can say without any fear of contradiction that there is something for everyone.

You are free to engage in the variety that works for you and even participate in virtual or physical games. 

Alternatively, follow live game shows mentioned below from the comfort of your couch with your family.

11 Notable Game Shows for the Whole Adult Family

Whereas the list of game shows is long, not all of them will be ideal for the whole family. Some may also not be suitable for adults but children.

Let’s look at some of the best game shows for the whole adult family;

#1 Sing On

As the name suggests, the show has 6 competitors competing for a prize of $60000. They sing popular songs, and winning is determined by how they perform compared to how the original artist did.

A vocal expert makes the call. So, only the best emerges the winner, and it is fun watching these things unveil.

#2 Interior Design Masters

The game show involves 10 contestants with interior design skills. Their expertise is put to the test through various challenges.

It is all about who meets the client’s needs excellently. Expect various settings, including washrooms and living rooms, among other spaces.

#3 Bullsh*t The Game Show

This interesting trivia game show doesn’t need one to know much. So, wrong answers could still get you the price.

All you have to do is lie and ensure you don’t look obvious. The best poker face often does the trick.

#4 Nailed It

Kitchen enthusiasts will most likely fall in love with this game show. That’s because it revolves around baking cakes.

The experience is interesting since the bakers are beginners. Besides, they work on complicated designs, and these adventures are fun to watch.

Amidst the many attempts and challenges, a win emerges eventually. Besides self-satisfaction, one also pockets $10,000 for outshining other amateur bakers.

#5 Flinch

How well can you tame your adrenaline? This game show puts to test the tolerance of its contestants.

They undergo scary experiences and must not flinch, no matter how hard it gets. Those who cringe also face the consequences.

#6 Love is Blind

How interesting do you find relationships and, more so, the dating venture? If you love it and more so blind dating, consider this game show.

The participants are both men and women looking for love. None of them can see the other partner; since love is blind, some fall in love.

If that happens, one is free to propose. If the other party accepts the proposal, the pair meets in person.

#7 Awake: The Million Dollar Game

The title preempts the price for whoever makes it to the top. However, the $1 million price doesn’t come easy.

The self-deprived contestants will also have to deal with physical and mental challenges. Doesn’t that sound fun to watch?

#8 Wheel of Fortune

Puzzle lovers also have an amazing game show, thanks to the wheel of Fortune. It is good to mention that the wheel is huge and colorful.

Contestants queue to get a chance to spin it. Upon solving a puzzle, one gets a prize, thus making the game even more enjoyable.

#9 The Chase

On one side, there is the chaser, who is a trivia expert. On the other hand, a team of three is competing against the chaser.

The game falls under the quizzes category if that’s what you love best. Winners get a cash prize.

#10 The Circle

First, participants play online and compete for a cash prize. It is quite lucrative since it is worth up to $100,000.

Equally important, it takes a unique path since the contestants compete to be the best social media influencers.

It has some similarities with Catfish, and catfishing is also around.

#11 Floor is Lava

It is a game show that will take you down memory lane. That’s because it is similar to hopping across furniture while pretending that the floor is lava.

However, it is more complex since the competitors navigate obstacle courses. The winner gets a cash prize of up to $10000. 


Gone are the days when these games were biased toward children. Even adults can enjoy such games as long as they choose right. If you are looking for game shows for the whole adult family, you will be spoilt with options. They are quite several various genres that accommodate various preferences

The above game shows for the whole adult family are excellent options. Choose the one that suits you best and take your family times experience to a new level.

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