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This article outlines an Canadian parent’s website which helps organise and conduct activities and social gatherings for children. Learn more about

You are a responsible parent worried about your child’s mental well-being during lockdown time? Are you searching for solutions that will lessen the psychological impact of your children? If yes, then you have heard of an ingenuous online initiation designed to improve the lives of children in lockdowns.

Parents in Canada have been content with the launch of a new website that can benefit their children’s mental and physical health through participation in various fun activities. Read more about

About the site

The site was developed in the name of Dermot Pomeroy, father of three kids. His children and he are engaged in sports and outdoor activities. It is element of their routine. The healthy activities they were enjoying stopped because of the enactment of strict lockdown guidelines throughout the country during the outbreak.

A period of 14 consecutive months being at home and never getting away has led to an increase in anxiety, depression and stress, among other mental issues. He then tried to plan events nearby to meet children from the same neighborhood.

Gameoncanada org

  • After organising small social gatherings for children in the neighborhood and engaging with their parents, he came to comprehend the health issues that children are facing because of the absence of social interaction.
  • After receiving positive feedback from both parents and children in his area, Dermot conducted these mini-events at other places.
  • The festivities included children’s music festival, dance parties animals balloons, bouncy castles and more.
  • After having conducted a few gatherings, people of all areas approached him to host similar events in their area The demand for these events grew rapidly.

Web Specifications

  • Dermot Pomeroy founded on the 13th of May, 2021.
  • The website publishes information on the kids’ events and encourages activities for kids which makes it a legitimate website with no ill-intentions.
  • The trust score for this site is not high as the domain’s age is lower than six months.
  • The majority of visitors are grandparents from Canada.
  • Review reviews from customers are not accessible since the website is relatively new.

Web Mission

  • The site’s goal is to encourage the activities that socialize the children for the benefit of the suffering children face because of the lockdown. Read on to learn more about
  • “Let The Kid’s Play” is the motto of the website that is the complete message.
  • Anyone who is interested in organizing children’s activities can make it available on this site with the event’s details, such as location, time of event as well as other information that can help it increase the reach of the event.


The child’s mental and physical health may be negatively affected when they are at home with no activities and social interactions. As responsible parents, you must ensure you have your children healthy physically and mentally. For more details about this site you can visit.

Are there any events for kids that are happening in your area like those organized by If yes, then please provide the feedback you would like to receive.

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