Gamer’s Guide: 8 Reasons Why You Should Switch to iOS!

Are you tempting yourself into entering the Apple bubble? It can be hard to argue which mobile OS is better than gaming. Especially these past years, Apple has gradually expanded its lineups, ranging from budget to pro devices. This change heats the competition even further between these two leading operating systems. Price points and features on Android devices are becoming increasingly available among iPhones. The question is, are these reasons enough for you to make the switch?

If you’re looking to find a new experience on shooter games and probably hope to achieve your ideal Azur Lane tier list, it could be worth the shot to experience iOS for yourself! That said, in this post, we’ll be running down on the top 8 reasons why you should consider going for an iPhone.

1. iPhone Always Boasts the Best CPU and GPU Performance

You may have experienced using iPhone before. And at the time, you may think that iOS might be too far from meeting your gaming needs. However, times have changed, and Apple has stepped up its game.

As a mobile gamer, your overall experience will heavily rely on your device’s chipset. Chipsets nowadays include a CPU or the Central Processing Unit, which does all computing and makes tasks possible on your phone. Chipsets also have a GPU or Graphics Processing Unit, responsible for the fast rendering of graphics crucial for gaming. With a quick and efficient GPU and CPU, nothing will stop you from enjoying the best gameplay.

If you look it up, the latest iPhones are always at the top of the list of phones with the best processing power – beating all other devices in the market. A platform called GeekBench releases test results that show the performance of a phone’s processing power. Sometimes, if not most, the second-best is also an iPhone model released in the previous year. That said, the latest iOS devices never disappoint when it comes to buttery smooth graphics and beastly performance.

2. Good Battery Life

With great power must come chips of great efficiency! And speaking of efficiency, Apple’s iPhone chips are known for their power – but let’s never forget to mention their efficiency. When a device is power-efficient, on top of its outstanding performance, it also promises impressive battery life. 

You can enjoy this perk, especially when you opt for the Pro Max models because these pack a massive hunk of battery. You are sure you have the best phone when you immerse in a game for hours and still have lots of juice left. The impressive battery life is a real make-or-break factor if long-running gameplay is among your top priorities.

3. It’s Now Harder to Miss Android

In the earlier years, most users struggled to try iOS because of Android features that it never had. Today, iPhone adds more and more familiar features. Extensive customization such as Widgets, for example, are now on iOS. These features were a dealbreaker for a crowd of users.

Meanwhile, others who never tried iOS because of the lack of theme and app icon customization might reconsider because these are now possible thanks to third-party apps. And probably, one more thing made a huge difference: the App Library. It is a nifty feature that everyone wanted to come to iOS, which finally did! If the absence of these has before stopped you from switching to iPhone, then, well, nothing should stop you now!

4. Multiple Microphones: Perfect for Your Livestreaming

A gaming phone that packs a lot of processing power and good battery life wouldn’t be perfect without high-quality mics. Since the iPhone 5, did you know that Apple has added multiple microphones that get better and better each year? 

You would find them at the front (phone receiver), at the bottom beside the speaker grill, and even at the back near the flash. That said, your viewers will never miss a beat of your commentary, especially during your most significant victories!

5. Options for Bigger Built-In Memory

Tech enthusiasts criticized iPhones for never having memory card slots back in the day, which made some users feel pretty limited by the lack of options for storage expansion. But not today. Nowadays, you can get an iPhone with 1TB of built-in storage. 

This internal memory is undoubtedly more reliable and faster than micro-SD options that crash, slow down, or need proper formatting and reformatting. With the sizeable available storage, you don’t have to deal with removable cards that could get misplaced, damaged, corrupted, lost, or stolen. You would need to worry about which games to play and download!

6. Privacy and Security

No other company stresses or even advertises privacy more than Apple if you haven’t noticed. You enjoy control over everything, such as its lock and unlock features, payment options, to tracking and location settings. With available options such as two-factor authentication, among others, you would see for yourself how protected your privacy is. 

For example, upon launching an app for the first time–you will immediately be asked permission before it uses your mic and camera or gains access to your contacts and photos. And unlike other phone companies, Apple’s chips have never had issues with having a “backdoor” where hackers could steal your data.

7. Enjoy the Apple Ecosystem

The beauty of the Apple ecosystem is the seamless harmony across your other Apple products. If you’re an Android user who owns a MacBook or an iPad, switching to iPhone will help you thoroughly enjoy the ecosystem of Apple products. It can also let you finally utilize accessories and peripherals that work best on your other Apple products. To name a few are the HomePod, Apple Watch, and AirPods. No more connection or disconnection issues while gaming because everything works great in the Apple ecosystem!

8. Longer Years of iOS Support

Last but not least, relative to other mobile operating systems, the years of support on iOS devices outnumber its competitors. The iPhone 6S, released in 2015, has enjoyed at least seven major iOS updates. This longevity is mindblowing, especially when compared to other devices that only get 2 to 3 years of mobile OS support. How much more if you get the latest iPhone! You can rest assured that your gaming device will be future-proof, or at least “usable” in the many years to come. Also, check the best F95Zone games to play in 2022.

You Get What You Pay For

As a takeaway, you might contend that it’s not practical to choose iOS because other specked-out phones come cheaper than iPhones. It may be accurate, but that option comes with a price. And that is the lack of all features mentioned above. Because with iPhone, it’s no joke to get one, but at least you see the value for your money.

We appreciate you sticking ’til the end, and we hope this article has convinced you that switching to iOS is worth your money! If you want to see more reviews and guides on tech and mobile phones, check out now!

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