Garden Rooms With Shed Attached for Storage

No matter what kind of garden room you’re after—a garden bar or a hot tub room—a shed addition can give your existing functional space a bit more flair. An unattractive, weak shed occupies precious garden space and drags down the impression of your property. Instead, opt for a garden room and shed combination like a gym room with included equipment storage space.

Sustainable and Safe Storage Spaces

Due to the fact that we use the same materials throughout the building, our sheds are just as insulated and weatherproof as our garden rooms, making them perfect for storing valuables and extending their useful life. When it comes to gardening, you no longer have to deal with wet gloves or rusty tools.

We’re committed to being good stewards of the earth, so many of the pieces in our garden room collection are made from eco-friendly composite materials. These include recycled wood and resin that are also fireproof.

Traditional sheds, made of wood or flimsy plastic, lack the safety features of our garden rooms. Strong construction and high-quality materials make them ideal for storing anything, including valuables or weather-sensitive items. Lockable doors and windows are just two of the many security features available on our garden room sheds.

The Process

So how do we go about it? While the process as a whole is extensive, we can narrow it down to this: within the bounds of size and need, we build partition walls to create storage space. We can shape your garden shed into a closet-sized space or something much larger for storing equipment and furniture for your business or household, and we can put it in any convenient location in your backyard or along a wall of your house.

The storage area can have its own entrance, so no one will be able to barge into your office without your express permission. You won’t have to choose between design and function because the modern and spacious uPVC doors will make it easy to retrieve even the heaviest of items. All this while maintaining an air of simple elegance.

Convenience of Access

A garden room shed with wide uPVC doors will make its contents much easier to access than a makeshift closet-sized shed. When it comes to moving large items into and out of storage, nothing beats the convenience and safety of these sturdy doors.

Still, not everything has to be set in stone. Walls separating your garden room from your storage shed can be easily removed if you ever decide you’d like to combine the shed space back into the main room.

Customisable Options

Instead of settling for prefabricated, often incompatible units, you can make your outdoor space uniquely yours by opting for customised storage solutions. All of our options are adaptable to your changing needs, including the option to eliminate storage entirely by removing movable walls to convert the entire space into one room.

The architecturally-sound Canopy, Rendered, Bordered, Cube, and Concave garden rooms we offer can all be customised to suit the individual tastes and requirements of our clients. The customer has the final say in terms of design and installation, allowing us to precisely outfit the customer’s ideal outdoor living areas.

Do you need some guidance deciding which garden room option is best for you? You can use our convenient online 3D design tool to get a sneak peek at what your finished room and storage shed will look like finally.

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