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GB Whatsapp Review 2023

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Perhaps you use Whatsapp. If so, allow us to introduce you to this intriguing application. GB Whatsapp is a customised version of Whatsapp that features many add-ons that allow it to do far more functions than the original Whatsapp application. Users will be able to manage their privacy settings, be totally untraceable on Whatsapp, improve chat features, and even modify the program’s appearance with this software. For those who are dissatisfied with the current Whatsapp features and functionalities, it is a full Whatsapp bundle.

A team of programmers known as GB Group created GBWhatsApp APK and has been adding new features ever since. The application may only be downloaded from third parties and is not accessible through the Google Play store. So, as a safety measure, make sure to pick your source carefully.

In order to inform you more about this altered version of the app, today we will evaluate GBWhatsapp. We’ll outline the application’s standout features so you can determine whether it’s worthwhile to give it a shot or not. So without further ado, check out the GBWhatsapp review.


The GBWhatsapp interface has nothing that could be confusing. The majority of the application bears no significant differences from the standard Whatsapp edition. This application’s main goal is to offer some cutting-edge features that the official Whatsapp version does not include. However, you can modify the app’s appearance and feel to suit your needs.

The setup is identical to that of regular WhatsApp, down to the process for verifying phone numbers and restoring WhatsApp. In contrast to the official Whatsapp version, you must turn on the “Unknown Sources” security setting. In order for the application to function properly, it will also ask you for a variety of permissions. Once the application is installed, you won’t have any issues using the features.


You have total control over Whatsapp thanks to GBWhatsapp’s many features. With this app loaded on your smartphone, nothing is impossible on WhatsApp. Let’s quickly review the features of GBWhatsapp.

All the Features of WhatsApp

You may still use all of Whatsapp’s fundamental functions after installing GBWhatsapp. It merely gives you further access to the application. Without any issues, you can continue to use all of Whatsapp’s features. Every time a new Whatsapp version is published, the app’s creators update it. By doing this, all compatibility problems with the official WhatsApp version are avoided.

Without Interfering with the Official Version

As was already indicated, there are no known problems when using GBWhatsapp with the official Whatsapp app on the same device. Without understanding any of the procedures, the application will operate flawlessly with the official version. You can use more than one Whatsapp on the same device thanks to this. The developers continuously address known flaws, ensuring that it is compatible with the most recent Whatsapp version.

Features for Advanced Editing and Messaging

Whatsapp enhances Whatsapp with a variety of editing features. With this programme, you may send a broadcast message to up to 600 people at once, set a group name of up to 35 characters, set the status of a group to 255 characters instead of 139 characters, copy a portion of a Whatsapp message to your clipboard, and perform many other things. In other words, you will have total control over the app and all of its newly added features.

Best Alternative of GB Whatsapp

FM Whatsapp



Additional Emojis

You don’t need to become used to the emoticons that are already in your WhatsApp. To improve your chatting skills, GBWhatsapp includes hundreds of more emoticons. A fun conversation session can now be had without installing an additional emoji keyboard.

Final Words

After extensive testing on GBWhatsapp, we discovered that having access to extra features on the standard Whatsapp version is really helpful. Such a mod is always required for the most widely used IM programme. You should give the GBWhatsapp a try, especially if you enjoy having more flexibility over your messaging app.

As was already noted, GBWhatsapp cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store; instead, you must go to a third-party website. We have provided a dependable source for downloading and utilising GBWhatsapp down below. Therefore, you might do it via the URL provided below if you wish to give it a try.

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