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GBWhatsApp 2023 Latest Version for Android Features

An antiban mod for WhatsApp is called GBWhatsApp. The original WhatsApp has been modified by GBWhatsApp. The finest WhatsApp for individuals who got tired of the stock and other modified versions is this one. The GBWhatsApp mod lets you run three instances of WhatsApp simultaneously and is built on the most recent version of the messaging app.

You can switch to an older version of GBWhatsApp if your smartphone is running an older version of Android OS. Below are all of the download links for the earlier versions.

Requirements to Download GB WhatsApp (Anti-Ban) APK

  • Android 4 and above.
  • Nice internet connection.
  • Access to the contact list.
  • Enable download from unknown sources.
  • Access to the device location.
  • Access to gallery

Android emulator for accessing the app on PC.

  • New Features Added to GBWhatsApp Latest Version
  • Anti-Ban update
  • Fixed bugs
  • Hide recording status
  • Create, use and share your own themes
  • Video Status
  • Change the notification icon
  • Newly updated base
  • Dark theme option
  • Hidden chat feature
  • More new stickers
  • Backup data
  • Various GIF providers


INTRODUCTION GB In the future, GBWhatsApp APK will be viewed as an alternate platform. It must be utility software that makes the user’s life easier in order to do this. Utilizing this program like any social network software on the market will be an incredible experience for you. Users are allowed to send messages directly between accounts. Make use of it as your network workspace to prevent further issues.

Key Basic 

  • Basic messaging app features.
  • Configure privacy options.
  • A guarantee of information security exists.
  • Take away spam mails.
  • Separate and obfuscate pointless communications.


GB We make sure that everyone using WhatsApp is comfortable with the security of their data and equipment. More people utilize this application than the previous one does. If you already have a social networking app, don’t rule this one out; it provides conversion tools and fundamental user privacy protections. With secure settings applied, nobody will gain access to any sensitive data stored herein.


Many users who have used GB WhatsApp believe it to be a special social network that should be used right now. It offers consumers a variety of comforts. One of them is the capability of concealing objects that could be problematic. Do not disregard this app if you prefer keeping yourself private and do not wish for others to know about how engaged in social media you are. I don’t know whether you noticed, but this application exists and might just save the day!

By avoiding unpleasant characters, you can prevent avoidable problems. Furthermore, if you unintentionally click on a message that has already been read, you may immediately conceal the message so that no one will know. This tool also lets you hide contacts you don’t need for business or daily life and disable message alerts. Additionally, this holy program gives you the option of hiding sent messages.


GBWhatsApp, you may add several contacts and give each one a special name. If you don’t preserve your username in your contacts, it applies. This feature is particularly utilized often in group dialogs to provide groups distinctive names so they can be recognized while sending and receiving messages. The maximum group name length is 35 characters, which is too much for the recipient to understand the message. Users may send and identify their statuses using this app.


This may be used as a straightforward texting tool to communicate amusing situations. Or share movies and photographs on the internet to let people know how you’re doing. Additionally, it may be used to invite several individuals and stream live sessions. Use this tool to introduce a big meeting or to just let folks know what you’re working on right now.

Variously sent messages

Start many intriguing discussions on GB WhatsApp; it’s also a fantastic place to meet new people. However, if there are too many messages arriving, you can’t tell which ones are essential and crucial. We’re here to help; this program will tell you whether bulk delivery of spam messages is occurring or not.

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