George Santos Suicide – EXPLORE REVIEW HERE!

George Santos Suicide – We will discuss the most recent news about his name and who it is.

Are you familiar with George Santos? What is his role in the recent news? What’s his story? Many people in the United States are discussing his entire career and the claims he made.

Let’s talk about George Santos Suicide, a newly elected Congressman, and his details in this post.

What’s the latest?

According to George’s biography, he is 34-year-old son of an immigrant family. Santos is being investigated by both federal and municipal authorities. Letitia James (the attorney general in New York) has also been searching for him. According to sources, the Campaign Legal Center, a nonpartisan organization, has also filed a complaint at the Federal Election Commission, alleging that Santos violated other laws.

They claim that he used a straw donor program to hide the source of the money he lent to his campaign. George Santos also lies about campaign funds used to pay personal expenses.

Who’s George Santos?

George Santos, a newly elected congressman appeared to be extraordinary. Baruch College is a New York public university. He earned a degree before he started working at Citigroup and Goldman Sachs. According to sources, Santos is being investigated for fabricating important facts about his history. He also lied about his education, employment history, residence, ethnicity, etc.

George Santos Gay was born to Brazilian immigrants and was elected to office in November. He defeated Robert Zimmerman, a Democrat, by a margin between 54 and 46 percent. He is also a strong Trump supporter. On December 26, he admitted to lying and said that he had added “a bit of fluff” to his resume on a media tour. According to the Times, Santos did not appear to have a Baruch College degree, had never worked for Citigroup or Goldman Sachs, and had no record of being a successful financial advisor.

What do you think about his controversies as a drag queen.

George Santos dragacts “Kitara Ravache” according to the performer, who is Brazilian and goes by this name. He claims that it is difficult to deliver results when the media makes ridiculous assertions about him. He eventually admitted to wearing a drag at LaGuardia Airport, but claimed it was just for fun at the celebration of the festival.


George Santos is currently in controversy. He is being investigated for the lies he told about him. There are also issues that relate to it. We have listed some of the allegations against him.

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