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On July 5, 2023, the music world lost an unparalleled icon. George Tyndall Tickner, co-founder and original guitarist of the legendary band Journey, passed away at the age of 76. His profound musical legacy continues to reverberate with the hearts of music lovers worldwide. The cause of Tickner’s passing has not been disclosed as of this moment.

Who Was George Tickner?

George Tickner was an iconic figure in music, best-known for his intricate rhythmic guitar skills and inventive songwriting. As one of Journey’s founding members – which would go on to define rock history forevermore – George made an indelible mark on rock music history with their impactful songwriting abilities and innovative melodic arrangements. Prior to Journey, Tickner was part of the vibrant San Francisco psychedelic rock scene as a member of Frumious Bandersnatch.

Early Musical Journey with Frumious Bandersnatch and Jerry Garcia

Alongside his colleague Ross Valory, Tickner formed the base of what would eventually become Journey. They also shared stages with esteemed artists such as Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders, further honing their skills and cementing their determination to create an extraordinary musical narrative.

Departure from Journey and Venture into Medicine

Despite Journey’s success, Tickner left the band to pursue a medical career after receiving a full scholarship to Stanford Medical School. His departure paved the way for Neal Schon to assume guitar duties until Jonathan Cain joined the band in 1981. However, Tickner’s passion for music didn’t wane. He collaborated with Ross Valory to create The Hive, a music sanctuary where he continued his songwriting journey.

The Hive and Musical Collaborations

Inside The Hive, Tickner’s creativity thrived as he continued composing music and refining his craft. In an exciting collaboration, Tickner, Valory, and renowned keyboardist Stevie ‘Keys’ Roseman formed the band VTR. Their album, “Cinema,” echoed with familiar strains of Journey’s sound and featured performances by luminaries such as Schon, Smith, and Prince.

George Tickner’s Passing

Neal Schon confirmed Tickner’s passing through a heartfelt social media post, paying tribute to his former bandmate’s immense contributions. Schon expressed his hope that Tickner’s music will continue to reverberate with fans worldwide and extended his condolences to Tickner’s family, friends, and fellow band members.

Impact and Legacy

Tickner’s departure from Journey to follow his passion for medicine, his unwavering commitment to his art, and his ability to balance diverse interests inspire many. His extraordinary spirit and devotion continue to serve as a model for aspiring musicians around the globe.

Journey’s impact on music industry was undeniable; over 100 million albums sold and their iconic song “Don’t Stop Believin'” amassing over one billion Spotify streams is testament to Tickner and his bandmates’ creativity.

Conclusion: Honoring George Tickner

As music world mourns the passing of George Tickner, his musical legacy and influence on rock music remain undiminished. His memory will long remain dear to those whose lived his journey; while he may no longer be here physically, but his contributions will live on in generations yet unborn.

In 2005, Tickner joined his fellow band members as they were honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a testament to their collective impact on the music industry. Rest in peace, George Tickner; your music will continue to guide and inspire.

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