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First know- what disability is?

Disability is an income replacement or substitution method in which you will receive major portion of your lost income when you go through injury, illness or accident which can cause disability. The portion of insurance income received would be based on your last drawn salary amount.

Free disability insurance quote by instant disability

When we talk of providing free disability insurance quote it includes all types of schemes mentioned by the company for instance you can get a free quote on long term disability insurance, short term disability insurance or any type of disability insurance provided by INSTANT DISABILITY.

How to get disability insurance quote?

Majorly there are 2 ways and few steps to be followed accordingly mentioned herein.

(1) Online method: by using our official website of https//

(2) Offline method: by getting in touch with our customer care service or through our agent. By any of the above actions you will get to know what special we have to offer to you.

Proceeding further you now need to answer some basic questions. For example – Your gender, age, current location or state in which you are living in and your annual income. After answering to these questions an estimated cost to get an insurance policy and monthly amount forwarded from the company will be projected to you.

As per your priorities or demand the rates of different policies will be provided to you in such a way that costs benefit analysis can be easily done by you.

A detailed process of inquiry is carried out by INSTANT DISABILITY in which your all inquiries and questions are entertained until you get satisfied so that at the very end you can make an informed decision and choose a best policy which can fulfil all your demands. In case if you are eligible for the coverage then also you can get your quote and INSTANT DISABILITY will instantly forward your case for coverage.

INSTANT DISABILITY also helps you in comparing the rates of different policies and we also recommend which policy would be best for you after knowing your job profile, economic and health status, type of occupation in which you are involved in etc.

INSTANT DISABILITY is a user friendly platform which is substantiated through our customers’ reviews. So, what are you waiting for get a disability insurance quotes for free from INSTANT DISABILITY.

In many cases the employees get insurance service from the employer. So, companies and employers can also get the insurance quote for free. All we want is to know what kind of employment you are providing, risks involved with the job or job type and the number of employees you want to cover in the insurance plan plus the amount of coverage you want for your employees.

Talking about something like disability might sound insensitive to some and predicting this to happen as ridiculous. But, buying this policy simply means getting ready for the worst case scenario.

Now anyone, any time and from anywhere can get a quote for free from INSTANT DISABILITY.

For further help and assistance you can use our services anytime 24/7.


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