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Get Your Natural Products from Northern-Beauty

Fact: Your skin is the largest organ in your body and whatever you apply on your skin gets absorbed into your body, creating long-term effects that can either be positive or negative.

With the rising health awareness, many people are looking to protect their health by switching to natural skin and hair care products.

But how sure can you be that what you are buying is really natural?

Anastasiia is the founder and product creator at Northern-Beauty, a small company that produces clean, natural skin and hair care products that are cruelty-free with no synthetic fragrances, fillers, or toxic chemicals.

Additionally, their products are handmade and they use their own herbal infusions to create formulations that are nourishing and beneficial to your skin and hair.

Anastasiia was born in Ukraine and she moved to Canada when she was 13 years old. As she was growing up, she noticed that most of our skin and hair care products had toxic chemicals that were harmful to humans.

That is where her journey of natural living began.

12 years later, after getting a bachelor’s degree in social work, she decided to follow her passion and continued her education in natural skin and hair care products.

She studied the unique French skincare formulations from an instructor in France, organic hair care formulations, organic soap making, and natural anti-aging skincare.

Equipped with her great level of understanding of natural and non-natural products in the market, she poured out her heart to create pure natural products that beat most of the so-called natural products in the market that are not natural enough.

Why You Should Use Natural Products on Your Skin and Hair

There are so many reasons why you should use natural products on your skin and hair.

Below are some of them:

  • They are safe. They do not contain toxic chemicals or contaminants.
  • More effective. Natural products are better absorbed by the skin and hair, giving better results with no side effects.
  • They are gentle. Since they don’t contain chemical preservatives or synthetic fragrances, they are gentle enough for children and people with very sensitive skin or eczema.
  • Full of nutrients. Natural products are full of nutrients such as vitamins and antioxidants required for good health and therefore are good for your skin and hair.

Natural Products from Northern-Beauty for your Skin and Hair

Northern-Beauty natural skin and hair care products have the following features:

  • Natural
  • Handmade
  • High-quality
  • French formulations
  • Never tested on animals
  • Pure and unique ingredients
  • Made with locally harvested herbs

Anastasiia thoughtfully designs every product with you in mind and with a lot of love. Their products work for normal, oily, dry, aging, and sensitive skin types.

Northern-Beauty has a variety of natural skin and hair products for men and women. Here are some of the products available: 

  • Healing hair treatment
  • Facial elixir: skin nourishing oil
  • Ultra-gentle green tea cleanser
  • Growth-promoting scalp treatment
  • Calendula & oatmeal aftershave cream
  • Hyaluronic acid & niacinamide rejuvenating serum

Northern-Beauty is also conscious of its impact on the environment and therefore mostly uses glass packaging for its products.Contact them today so you can start highlighting your natural beauty with confidence.

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