Getdiscoverstudent com – Get All the Details You Need Here! This article has reviewed Discover’s website which offers credit cards exclusively to students.

Do you want a card with special benefits for college students? Does the student card offer the same credit card features as other cards or does the bank charge a lower interest rate? Discover credit is popular with United States residents because it offers additional benefits to customers.

After analyzing student spending habits, Discover Credit Card has created a number of credit products that are tailored to students. This card allows students to earn credit points that can be used for premium cards. has reviewed the Discover Credit Card for Students for 2023.

Discover Student Credit Card:

Discover is one of the leading digital banks that offers quality payment services. It aims to offer card products to various sections of the United States in order to better manage their finances. Two card products are available for students, student cashback and student chrome.

Cardholders can earn rewards on certain purchases with an introductory annual percentage rate. The card helps the student build their credit history to get future financial products. The Discover reward card will encourage students to spend their money wisely.

Getdiscoverstudent com Credit Card Features:

  • $50 credit for referring a friend.
  • Discover will double all cashback at the end of the year, turning $ 50 into $100.
  • On certain portals or stores, you can get 5% back in cash.
  • Automatically, 1% cashback is available for all other purchases.
  • No credit score is required for the card application.
  • Discover Student Credit Card does not charge an annual fee.
  • For the first six-month period, Discover Student Cards will not charge interest. After this, APRs of 17%-26% will be applied.

For more information about the terms and conditions of student cards, students can visit

How do I apply for a Student Credit Card through this website?

  • Find the application page by visiting the Discover website.
  • Students should include their financial and personal details on the application form.
  • You must also fill in the details of your student’s course and schedule.
  • Discover will review all details before approving your student card.
  • Students can call Discover Customer Service or check their online application status.
  • The student credit card can be received within 10 days after approval.

Reward Card and Redemption:

The student cash credit card offers 1% cashback on all purchases, but 5% cashback can only be earned if the platform is selected. The company also set a limit on the 5% cashback reward at $ 1500 per quarter. Discover’s cashback matching offer allows cash back to be doubled at the end the first year.

There is no time limit for redeeming the reward. The reward may be converted to a credit or deposit statement.

Legit Details about

  • Domain created on August 2, 2021
  • It is clear that the website has a low level of popularity among internet users, as it receives less traffic.
  • Digital space is a place where you can read customer reviews for Discover.
  • The website is social media-ready with a Facebook account and Twitter account.
  • The website is rated 100% trustworthy.
  • The content of the website is original.

Final verdict

Students can build credit while taking their courses with Discover Student Credit Cards. They can also receive a reward for making purchases .

Do you use a Discover Student Card for everyday purchases? Please leave a comment.

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