Getting More Organized with an Employee Scheduling Software

Business managers are responsible for the timely and effective completion of various projects. They need to manage the projects and the various resources to ensure optimum productivity and maximum profitability – a must to meet the company’s goals. It’s a complex and time-consuming exercise, especially with any business’s most valuable resource – its employees! Implementing resource scheduling software not only makes the scheduling process more efficient but also faster. But what is resource management software and what does it do? Simply put, employee scheduling software offers various tools that allow project managers to prioritize, allocate and utilize the available resources across the various tasks in such a way that the project objectives are met within the set timelines.

What is Resource Scheduling?

In today’s business environment, organizations often have several projects going on concurrently. Managers need to ensure that each project progresses as per the pre-decided timeline. They need to check that all required resources are available and also allocated to the necessary tasks that make up each project. Moreover, resources are often spread across various locations and project leaders have to create schedules considering all these logistics. 

Resource scheduling is the process that enables managers to:

  • Ascertain the resources required for a project and its various tasks
  • Identify and check the availability of resources and skills within the organization
  • Allocate the right resource to the right task based on skill sets and availability
  • Determine timelines for each task
  • Create schedules to complete tasks and meet deadlines
  • Check on the progress of the project and make adjustments as required
  • Ensure there is no under- or over-utilization of resources

Creating an optimal resource schedule is crucial to the success of any project. The project will only then be completed efficiently. But there is more to it. Effective scheduling also looks at things from the employees’ perspective. By assigning tasks as per their skills and capabilities, managers can also empower the team members – they will not be over- or under-utilized and will be more productive, thus delivering better output and service to the client.

Project managers have to strike the right balance between company goals and employee needs. They need to ensure that the assignments are completed on time and within budget. At the same time, they must also protect the employees’ interests. Managers must get employee scheduling right; bad scheduling can cost businesses extra resources and delay projects as well. Resource Scheduling Charts help managers streamline the various processes and get more organized.

How does Employee Scheduling Software Benefit Project Managers?

Research shows that more and more businesses are adopting digital HR technology. They want to improve employee involvement and experience, and these digital platforms help them do that. Automation of various repetitive workforce management processes helps free managers from routine tasks, giving them time to focus on other productive work. There are fewer errors and also increased productivity.

Schedules have to be created and amended frequently. Employee scheduling software automates the entire process. It allows managers to easily and efficiently:

  1. Check which resources are available at any given point in time
  2. Allocate tasks to various resources based on their availability and capacity
  3. Organize scheduling charts for multiple shifts and locations as well as share them with the employees
  4. Keep track of attendance, vacations, and time-off 
  5. Easily reassign resources if someone calls in sick
  6. Monitor the project progress and budget 
  7. Make timely schedule adjustments to match changing timelines and needs of the project
  8. Ensure the company stays labor-law compliant
  9. Keep each team member in the loop and communicate with them easily
  10. Employees are also able to clock in and out using the software

Choosing the Right Employee Scheduling Software

Companies that invest in resource management software find an increase in the productivity and morale of their employees, reduced costs, and saved time. All this leads to improved bottom lines. Resource management software like the eResource Scheduler also offers analytical insights from the available data, giving managers a competitive advantage. It arms them with the information and knowledge they need to plan for the future more competently. Efficient scheduling helps managers optimally utilize available resources. They can prioritize tasks and create schedules accordingly without overburdening any resources. eResource Scheduler is a top-of-the-line yet affordable employee scheduling software that helps organizations of all sizes to plan, schedule and monitor all their resources efficiently. Managers get a real-time bird’s eye view of the centralized resource pool and can allocate resources as per task priorities. They can map resources effectively and make informed decisions on reallocating resources. Features like the drag-and-drop function, advanced filters, timesheets, and comprehensive reports help optimally match resources to tasks. So why wait? Sign up for a free trial and see how eRS’s scheduling charts can help your organization get more organized.

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