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Gift Valentine’s Day Plants to Your Lover this Year

Valentine’s Day is an opportune time to show your love and affection to the people who are close to your heart. Also, Valentine’s Day is about expressing your love to everyone your partner, your family, your friends, and all your close ones. Instead of gifting a rose to your special one, gift them a plant so that it lasts for the longest time. The plant gift will keep reminding them of your love and they can nurture the plant the way they nurture this relationship with you. An indoor beautiful plant is one of the best gifts for your dear one as all these plants are attached to various feelings and symbolism. Also, it will make their home look so pretty. So whether your partner or your loved ones are fond of green plants. Surprise them with the same and let the plant convey your heartiest love and feelings to your dear ones through these green gifts. The best part about plant gifts is it is perfect for everyone and the recipient will guarantee to love them. Thus we are here with different Valentine’s Day Plants to gift your lover this year.

1] Heart Fern

If your loved one is a fan of terrariums, you can gift them this heart fern that comes in a fancy glass apothecary jar. This is a dwarf plant that has glossy heart-shaped leaves which are held aloft on thin black stems. It will thrive best in a steamy bathroom as it is hard to maintain the kind of humidity they require outside the terrarium setting. You can get ideas on gifts for Valentine’s Day from our online gift site so that you can surprise the love of your life with the best gift for this special day of love.

2] Hoya Heart

This Valentine’s Hoya is also called the sweetheart plant which is a classic gift choice for Valentine’s Day. This plant is ideal for the tiny windowsills or they would also be a great choice as a desk plant. Also, this plant is very low maintenance and indestructible even though you overwater them. Hoya Heart is basically a heart-shaped succulent and we are sure your partner will love it.

3] Flapjacks

This succulent looks like it are wearing lipstick. The succulent plant trend is continuing and everyone loves succulents. This flapjack is a fun plant that has bold paddle-like leaves that are tinged in red. This succulent will happily sit on a sunny deck or sill and the more sun it gets, it becomes redder. You can also look for the cultivar called “Hot lips” if you are looking for an extra fiery display of this plant. Make Valentine Gift Delivery USA to your beloved living miles away from you and convey your heartiest wishes through a romantic gift.

4] Silver Dust

This indoor plant is a tender shrub and it is also one of the prettiest plants you would have seen around. It has slightly young leaves and half-hardy annual foliage. The leaves of this plant resemble oak and as this plant becomes older it becomes paler in color. The plant is covered in a silvery grey fleece.

5] Anthuriums

These are also called flamingo plants and they are the embodiment of luxury. These plants have flowers of red, white, and pink color. The waxy flowers of this plant are made of a heart-shaped spathe which is a kind of modified leaf that is surrounded by a flower cluster. Moreover, there are two different types of Anthuriums so you can always choose a low-maintenance Anthurium to gift your dear one. Make Valentine’s Day Plant Delivery to your special ones and convey your love and affection through thoughtful green gifts.

6] Cyclamen

This plant is literally the perfect Valentine’s Day gift and it will surely impress the recipient. This plant has deep green leaves with beautiful flowers in whites, pinks, and red which are classic for Valentine’s Day. These plants are sold as indoor tropical plants and they love warm temperatures but as outdoor plants, it likes cool and humid weather. So go for this beautiful plant to greet your dear one for this day of love.

7] Philodendrons

These plants come in multiple species and they have heart-shaped leaves. Also, they come in different shapes and sizes and so you can choose from a wide range of greens that come in striped as well as variegated varieties. The heartleaf philodendron is almost impossible to kill as it is a very low maintenance plant so greet your dear one with them to wish love for Valentine’s Day.

We hope these Valentine’s Day plants are perfect to gift your lover this year to convey your love.

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