Golf and Technology: How This Amazing Sport Has Evolved

There can be no doubt that golf has changed considerably from what it used to be. Although some of the changes have probably taken something away from the game, most of the changes have been impressive. One main area of improvement is the way in which golf technology has affected the game. Technology is always improving and making a difference in our lives, and below we are going to look at how golf technology has improved the sport for the better.


Most golfers have rangefinder, whether it is an app on their mobile or a laser rangefinder. Back in the past, golfers used to pace off yardages from the closest sprinkler head, but obviously this is not as accurate as rangefinders today. One thing that needs to be considered is the fact that your stride is not exactly a yard, and these small discrepancies will add up, which can lead to you landing a par and not a birdie. 

One other great thing about modern rangefinder technology is the fact that it has helped to increase the speed of the sport since players do not have to aimlessly look around for sprinkler heads so that they can pace off their yardage.

Game Tracking

The top golf players have always tracked their game – they will usually have some type of score card with plenty of marks, circles, and checks. At the end of the day, tracking your game is the best way to check. Whether you are playing in a simulator or at the golf course, you need to know your clubs, and having quality wedges is important, read about it on The Left Rough to know more. Nowadays, thanks to ever-improving golf technology, you can come across golf trackers that do all the work for you. Some are so technological that they just attach to your club, so all you must do is log on at the end of the session and check how you went. 

All the of the professionals will make use of the best technology to improve their game, as this will give them a better chance of winning big competitions. It also allows them to put on a better show for us golf fans and golf bettors. If you enjoy betting on golf, then you can find a review of the best golf betting sites here.


Golf simulators are nothing new as they been around for quite several years now, but the access that golfers have nowadays is a lot different. All Serious golfers can purchase golf simulators for their home, enabling them to work on their golf game regardless of the weather conditions outside. This golf technology gives you the chance to play at a golf course on the other side of the world or practice your game by playing at a virtual driving range. In addition to this, the best simulators can provide specific data about your golf swing and give some useful insight into how you can fix any issues to do with your game. 

In the past, golf players would need to go leave their home to make use of a golf simulator, but now you can buy at home versions that cost less than $1000. Since original golf simulators cost more than $50,000, it is fair to say that golf technology has come an awfully long way.

Gold Club Fitting and Launch Monitors

The technology that is now used for golf club fitting is something that has changed remarkably down the years. In the past, golfers would buy a set of clubs off the shelf and then try to adapt their game around their new clubs. Nowadays, instead of needing to find a golf club fitter, fitting has become part of buying a set of clubs. When you play with golf clubs that suit you instead of trying to adapt to a set of clubs, you will obviously be much better off.

Players can now make use of a launch monitor to see how far they are hitting the ball. this technology provides access to data that was not available in the past. Playing golf with shafts that are not the correct weight or flex or swinging a club that is a couple of degrees off in lie angle is something that will make golf a lot harder.

Golf Ball Design

A modern golf ball is a lot more technologically advanced than a golf ball from a decade or two ago. The ball has gone from mostly being made of two or three pieces to sometimes being made from five pieces. Typically talking, the more pieces that a golf ball had, the better it should perform. When a golfer can get low spin from the tee, plenty of distance, and high spin on the greens, then it will have a positive impact on them.

Improved Clothing

When you are out there on the green, you want to be as comfortable as you possibly can, and technology has also improved the clothing that golfers can purchase. For example, you can buy golf tech trousers that have been designed to keep your legs cool when it is hot as well as keep you warm when the weather is cold. In addition to this, they are now made from breathable material that helps to wick away any moisture on hot and humid days. You can also buy shirts that have technology installed that can keep you comfortable depending on the weather conditions.

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