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Got a New Tattoo? Here’s How to Keep It Looking Good

Plenty of people pay good money to receive a tattoo from a talented artist only to undermine the hard work by failing to care for the tattoo once it’s finished. Not only is this a waste of time and money, but it is also frustrating for anyone who wants their tattoo to look its best for as long as possible. If you want your new tattoo to be neat and vibrant long into the future, follow these tips.

Don’t Touch

Prevent contact with your tattoo in the days after its completion. This includes avoiding situations that might cause you to touch the tattoo, such as letting it become dry and itchy. It is incredibly difficult to resist the urge to scratch even when you know that doing so will harm your tattoo, so use lotions recommended by your artist and keep the area moist.

Listen to Your Artist

While there are general rules about how to maintain a fresh-looking tattoo, different artists have their own opinions about the specifics. For example, the person you go to might urge you to wait at least a day before taking off the bandage, whereas someone else might say five or six hours should be enough. Your artist will suggest tattoo aftercare products that they trust and have used before. You may be researching this advice online, but there is no one better than your own tattoo artist to provide the answers. Just make sure you go to a qualified professional.

Pay Attention to Unusual Changes

If you get home and your tattoo is hurting abnormally, itching, weeping, or bleeding, take a photo and get in touch with your tattoo artist. Sometimes different skin types can react to the trauma of tattoo work and lead to minor wounds. It’s important to have these checked to prevent infection.

Wash Carefully

Most tattoo experts recommend waiting a few hours once the tattoo is finished before washing it. After this, cleansing with gentle soap and no rough textures will keep the area clean without lifting any of the pigment. Your tattoo artist may point you in the direction of particular products that are known to work well with tattoos, so ask their advice if you’re unsure.

Protect It from the Sun

The sun is dangerous to skin anyway, so it makes sense that it is also damaging to tattoos. Exposure to UV rays can disturb the ink under your skin and cause flaking, which will undo the crispness of the lines and the boldness of the hues. It is best to cover up your tattoo and hide it from sunlight until it has had a chance to fully heal, after which using sunscreen should be enough of a preventative measure.

Tattoos are delicate works of art, no matter how old they are. A tattoo that was completed thirty years ago still needs care and attention. However, how a person cares for their tattoo in the hours, days, and weeks immediately after the session is finished will determine how fresh and healthy it looks for years to come. Use the above tips to help your tattoo heal properly and look amazing for longer.

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