Graduate Visa Australia – Is a 485 Visa to Permanent Residency possible?

Australia is a country that is a hub for international students. The Australian lifestyle attracts individuals from different countries. There is nothing like studying, working, and living in Australia.

A graduate who wishes to live in Australia after completing their education must have a Graduate Visa Australia. This visa allows you to prolong your stay in Australia and study and work there. To get this 485 Visa, you must have a valid 500 Visa. There is an opportunity to get PR and then citizenship under this visa.

What is Graduate Visa Australia?

With this Graduate Visa Australia, students can live, work, and study in Australia. To apply for a 485 Visa for international students, they must have finished their academic program at an Australian university. To qualify for the Temporary Visa 485, students must have spent at least 2 years of education in Australia. 

Graduate Visa 485 is given to international students with the knowledge and credentials necessary for particular occupations in Australia. Students may stay in Australia for more than 1.5 years with this temporary visa. However, applicants who hold a Hong Kong passport are exempt from the Visa 485 requirements and are granted a 5-year stay in Australia.

How can you apply for a Graduate Visa Australia?

The application procedure for a 485 Visa is available from Home Affairs. You must gather all the necessary paperwork to strengthen your application. After that, you can establish an ImmiAccount or sign in to fill out your application. You must submit all of your supporting documentation together with the application fee.

It’s compulsory to deposit the visa application fee. Because if you don’t pay the money, Home Affairs won’t be able to process your application. You must also pay the cost for any family members you have added to the application. It would help if you carefully select the visa stream. Because after you apply, you won’t be able to change anything.

Candidates must provide the Graduate Visa Australia document checklist when applying. Documents consist of the following,

  •  Evidence that you completed the course
  • Proof of your ability to speak English
  • Candidates older than 16 must present proof that they have requested an AFP check.
  •  Evidence of sufficient health insurance
  • Evidence that you’ve submitted an application for a skills evaluation in your chosen profession from the skilled occupation list.

The Department will let you know upon receiving your application. To get the visa, fulfill the 485 Graduate Visa Australia requirements. Your visa grant number will be provided if your application is accepted. 

Home Affairs will inform you of its decision and the reasons if it rejects your application. Additionally, the cost you paid for a visa application is not refundable. You won’t get your money back whether your application has been approved.

482 Temporary Skills Shortage Visa

You must have a work history for a minimum of 2 years in Australia in your designated occupation to be eligible for a Visa 482 Australia. The best way to comply with this criterion is with a Temporary Graduate Visa 485. You can work for up to 1.5 years with Graduate Visa Australia. The Government has also prolonged the stay on a Graduate Visa Australia for 2 years.

Therefore, the Graduate Visa 485 is your best choice. During your visit to Australia, you can pick up a job. Once that is done, you will be considered for a Visa 482. You can reside in Australia for 2 to 4 years with a 482 Visa. If you are entitled, you may also apply for PR in Australia after the validity of your visa 482 has expired.

186 Employer Nomination Visa

Employer Nominated Visas allow skilled employers to live and work permanently in Australia. To qualify for Visa 186, you must have at least three years of work experience since you’ve already worked in Australia under a 485 Graduate Visa Australia. Your job history so supports your ability to apply for a visa 186.

You can also sponsor your family to Australia by using a 186 Visa. If you qualify, you may get Australian citizenship. However, feel free to schedule a meeting with us if you require assistance to apply for a visa 186 in Australia.

187 Sponsored Migration Visa

If you intend to live, work, and study in Australia, you should apply for a Visa 187. It is a long-term visa. If your profession is listed on the Skilled Occupations List, you may use it for a visa type 187. You must have professional experience of a minimum of 3 years.

A Temporary Graduate Visa 485 allows you to get employment experience. The greatest alternative for you to gain work experience and obtain PR in Australia may be a 485 Graduate Visa.

Is a 485 Visa to Permanent Residency possible?

Graduate Visa Australia is a temporary visa that does not lead to PR. But after the 485 Visa, there are some visas available that you can use as a route to PR in Australia. The best visa options to convert your 485 visa to PR in Australia are listed below.


Graduate Visa Australia is the perfect option to prolong your stay in Australia once you complete your education. 485 Visa to Permanent Residency is achievable. You can apply for skilled visas after working in Australia on a 485 visa and earning experience there. Numerous skilled visas are available from Australia, allowing you to live there permanently. You must have work experience in your chosen profession to qualify for a skilled visa.

You can obtain job experience for this reason using a temporary graduate visa. You can apply for skilled visas once you have two to three years of relevant job experience. You will finally receive PR in Australia due to the entire process. For more details, contact us at The Migration.

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