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Greece Train Twitter – All the Details You Need to Know!

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Greece Train Twitter This write-up details the tragic accident that caused several deaths and injuries in the Hellenic Republic.

Was it human error that caused the Greece train crash? Or was it technical fault? Is the infrastructure of the country’s railways in question after this accident? A head-on collision between two trains on the same track resulted in serious injuries and death for many passengers.

Tuesday’s rail accident was one of the most serious in recent history. Greece Train has links and videos about the fatal accident that went viral on social media in America and the United Kingdom.

Hellenic Republic Train Accident Video goes viral:

Images and videos from the crash of the Greek train have become viral on social media sites such as Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter. A train carrying 350 people collided on the same track with a freight train, leaving 43 dead and 57 others injured. As the rescue operation attempts to remove debris from passenger carriages, the Firefighting Team expects that there will be more casualties.

Where was the Train Crash in Greece?

A passenger train that was carrying passengers from Athens and Thessaloniki had an accident at Tempi. The train traveled along the freight track for some distance before it collided with the freight train traveling in the opposite direction.

Station master at Larissa station was arrested for neglect in duty. After one year of training, the 59-year old officer was called to duty.

What caused Tempi Train collision?

After returning from the crash site, the Greek Prime Minister addressed citizens and blamed “human error”, the primary cause of the accident. The Transport and Infrastructure Minister has resigned, saying that this was a minimal sign of respect for the victims of the fatal accident.

The current government also blames the country’s weak train infrastructure for the fatal incident. The safety of railway passengers is much lower in this country than it is in other European networks. Minister also stated that they were given a weak railway infrastructure by the previous government, but have worked hard for it to be improved.

Passenger Narration for Horrific Accident:

There are many images and videos of the wreckage online. However, some survivors also shared details about the terrible crash. One commuter said that the crash was covered in smoke and fire making it difficult to see.

Another survivor said he saw the train bend at 90 degrees and half of it hanging in the air, the other half hanging over the cliff. 28-year old passenger claimed that they were being burned as the train turned over, then settled sideways.

Head On Train Collision in Greece , Social Media Reactions

The hashtag #GreeceTrainAccident has been trending across social media platforms, with photos and videos showing the accident. Many netizens spoke out about the loss of young lives in the crash. Others discussed the protest against it.

Final verdict:

While condolence messages for the deceased are flooding in from all over the world, the country has declared an three-day mourning period .

Is human error responsible for the Hellenic train crash? Please comment.

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