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Guide to choose the right wall tile for your Home

In the process of decorating our house, we often neglect a few major aspects such as choosing the perfect wall tiles. Be it for your kitchen, your living space, or your bathroom as well. With the wide range of options available in the market, you are bound to get confused and overwhelmed, hence, wrong or impulsive decision making. 

You sure don’t want to install wall tiles in your house and regret the choice later and then again get into replacing the wall tiles. It becomes essential to find the perfect and best suitable wall tiles for each and every corner of your house. 

To ease out the confusion and guide you in a better way, we have curated certain tips for you to follow from the tile guide experts at H&R Johnson, one of the best and leading tile manufacturers in India. 

First and foremost keep in mind the tips below:

  • Safety

While choosing the tiles, look out for the wall tiles that are fire-proof, heat-proof, making them a suitable option for installation in the kitchen area. Another thing to consider is water-resistance of the wall tiles, making them a suitable fit for installation in the shower or bathroom area. 

  • Hygiene 

The wall tiles that you pick should be easy to clean and low maintenance to maintain the hygiene standards of your place. Otherwise the place will not look pleasing and will also be unhygienic. Additionally, the wall tiles that you pick should be odourless so as to not impart any unpleasant odour over time.  

  • Durability 

Wall tiles that are made of highly reliable materials should be installed to ensure the durability of the tiles for a longer period of time. 

  • Cost effectiveness 

The options that you are going to choose should be cost effective and value for money investment. Wall tiles are a cost effective option over wall paints as these tiles will sustain for a longer period of time, also these are non-toxic, and an economic choice. 

  • Aesthetics and versatility

Choose from a reliable brand such as H&R Johnson that can offer you a wide range of wall tiles in different sizes, designs, textures, finishes, and colours that can match with all your choices and ideas. 

Moving on, understand the classification of tiles to make a better decision. 

Classification of tiles

On a broad level tiles can be categorised into two categories: Glazed or Unglazed Tiles depending on the coating on the top surface of the tiles. This also decides the level of water absorption by the tiles and defines their application as well. Have a look at the contributing factors here:

Water absorption 

It is an indicator of the level of water being absorbed by the tiles. Higher WA level indicates high porosity of tiles, and low WA indicates lower porosity. Tiles that have WA lower than 0.5% are categorised as Porcelain tiles, or Vitrified tiles. 

Furthermore, tiles with a higher WA (10%) are regarded as unsuitable for flooring as they have low mechanical strength. However if the WA is between 3-6% they are suitable for residential use and light traffic as well. 

Glazed and Unglazed Tiles

Glazed ceramic tiles are available in various different designs, textures and designs for you to choose from, and can be used on either floor or walls. 

Non-glazed tiles which are a category of vitrified tiles can be used in commercial as well as industrial spaces, such as exteriors, and parking spaces. Non-vitrified ceramic tiles are coated (glazed) and have glossy or matt finish. These tiles are also stain resistant and offer good application in places such as kitchens. Additionally, ceramic glazed tiles are a good option to be installed in low traffic areas. 

Finish of Wall Tiles

Moving on, another factor that you need to concentrate on while choosing the perfect tiles for your space are the finish of the tiles. Here you can experiment with different finishes as per your convenience and preference.   

You have different options such as Matt, Glossy, Rustic, Satin, Metallic, Polished, and Special textures. If you choose a reliable partner such as H&R Johnson you will get a plethora of possibilities in all of these finished in different sizes as per your choice. 

Size of Wall Tiles

Some might argue that it doesn’t matter the size of wall tiles that you are installing, but it absolutely matters. If you pick the right size of tiles for your space, they are bound to offer you an elegant and carefully designed space. 

With H&R Johnson you get a wide range of size options as well in the large, small, and medium size ranges. You can pick 160*80, 120*60, 30*60, 60*60 and various other sizes available. 

Designs and Textures

Another factor to consider here is the design and textures of the tiles. For picking out the right design and texture for your place, decide on a theme that you are going to create. This theme will be implemented in overall decor, however, if required you can pick a different theme for individual places of your space. 

While choosing your theme, ensure that it resonates with your own individual personality and provides the entire space with a warm, comforting, relaxed and calming atmosphere. Additionally, keep in mind that the designs and textures that you are going to pick should offer a positive environment for your space. 

H&R Johnson and Wall Tiles

H&R Johnson is a sixty year old brand that is still offering you with the best suitable options of tiles that can be installed in every section of your house. The options available are highly durable, value for money and come in a wide range of sizes, designs and colors, finishes. 

Additionally, if you want to have a better clarity on this, you can choose to visit the experience centres established by the brand to witness the quality and options, by yourself. Here you can also interact with the tile guide experts for better understanding and support on how to pick the right wall tiles for your space. 

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