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Guide to Poppers

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Poppers are certainly nothing new, but they were brought to the forefront of social media recently when acclaimed pop singer Madonna appeared in a TikTok Live video and sniffed a bottle that presumably contained poppers. Social media erupted in response, with the majority of people convinced that the bottle did indeed contain poppers.

This surge in attention surrounding poppers has led many people to ask the question: what are poppers? And with so many misconceptions surrounding these recreational drugs, it can be difficult for newbies to fully understand what poppers are.

Luckily, we’ve compiled this guide to poppers to answer all your questions about how they’re used and what the effects are.

How do you use poppers?

You use poppers by inhaling them, which is why it’s so common for people to sniff them directly from the bottle, like Madonna did in the livestream. However, some people recommend that instead of sniffing the poppers directly, you should leave the bottle open on a table and let the aromas develop in the air. That way, you’ll inhale the poppers as you breathe, which avoids direct inhalation and makes using them a more gradual experience. Due to their popularity yet legislation restrictions there are a number of poppers store online.

How does it feel?

Poppers work by relaxing the muscles in the body once they’ve been inhaled into the bloodstream. Blood vessels dilate, which increases your heart rate and blood flow. This causes a light feeling to spread throughout the body, often described as euphoria’ and intoxication’. However, if it’s your first time using them, poppers may also cause you to feel disorientated or dizzy. More experienced users will be used to the sensation and better prepared to face it.

The feeling of using poppers differs from person to person. Some people report an instant headrush, whereas others sink more gradually into the feeling. Some people liken the feeling of poppers to being drunk, but others find that time feels to slow down and things get much quieter. Some people also report feelings of horniness and lowered inhibitions due to pure relaxation.

Timeline of what will happen when inhaling poppers

The effects of poppers take hold of the body quickly, so it won’t be long before you’re experiencing them full force! The timeline of what will happen when inhaling poppers typically goes like this:

10-15 seconds after inhalation- poppers start to take effect, usually in the form of a headrush and warm sensation.

20-30 seconds after inhalation- heart rate increases, blood vessels dilate and smooth muscle tissue relaxes.

35-40 seconds after inhalation- poppers reach full intensity, allowing you to ride the high’ of their effects.

1-2 minutes after inhalation- the intensity of poppers starts to decrease, causing blood vessels to start constricting again, which then lowers your heart rate and starts to clear your head.

3 minutes after inhalation- by this point, the effects of poppers have usually worn off completely.

Unlike some other recreational drugs, poppers are an intense but short-lived experience. Once you inhale them, they take control immediately and bring you quickly to a feeling of euphoria. However, this feeling only lasts for a few minutes before the effects start to wear off.

Ultimately, poppers have a wide range of effects that can affect people differently, especially if this is their first time using them. The effects are reportedly intense, euphoric and warm, and are quick to influence the body. Poppers are a fairly popular recreational drug and, as with all other recreational drugs, you should do plenty of research on them.

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