Hair loss is a stressful process that most people go through at some point of time in their lives. Men and women experience hair loss different. Women experience it as hair thinning, whereas men experience it as a loss. Male pattern baldness is a common type of hair loss. It is also referred to as androgenic alopecia and is a genetic condition. When you begin to see the signs of alopecia, you must head to a Hair loss Clinic Toronto. Getting the right help at the right time can make a lot of difference to the hair loss process. We are here to tell you about male pattern baldness.

What is the reason behind male pattern baldness?

Androgenic alopecia is called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is an androgen hormone that is responsible for weakening the growth cycle of the hair. This causes a decrease in hair follicles. In the beginning, the hair follicles start to shrink because of which they produce thinner hair. As time passes by, the hair growth cycle starts to end. This means that no new hair replaces the previous one.

What are some of the treatment options available?

Sadly, there is no cure for androgenic alopecia. However, there are effective treatment options available. Some of them are as follows:

Minoxidil (Rogaine): Minoxidil is applied directly to the scalp. This helps to slow down hair loss. It has been approved by Health Canada and US FDA. It is an active ingredient recommended by dermatologists. Minoxidil works to regenerate the follicles that can improve hair growth. It is a topical treatment that needs to be used regularly for it to be effective.

Finasteride (Propecia or Proscar): Finasteride is a pill that is prescribed to reduce the production of the DHT hormone. It is highly recommended because it can reportedly decrease scalp DHT by about 60%. Around 90% of the men who take this prescription drug have seen results. Finasteride alters the hormone production of the body and might impact a man’s libido. It shouldn’t be consumed by a pregnant woman, as it can cause male birth defects. Just like Minoxidil, this needs to be consumed continuously to see results.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP): Many men who experience balding will shave their heads to have a more uniform look. Scalp Micropigmentation is an approach in which semi-permanent microdots are applied to the scalp. This helps to mimic the results of a closely shaved head that has stubble.

Hair Transplant Surgery: If you want more permanent results, consider a hair transplant. There are two types of hair transplants – FUE and FUT. FUT or the strip method is a more invasive procedure. Whereas, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a less invasive and popular approach. In FUE, hair follicles are extracted from the back or side of the head. These follicles are then distributed into the targeted area where hair loss is evident. The grafts used are consistent and are placed on the recipient site in the way the hair grows on the scalp. This helps to produce more natural-looking and attractive results.  

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