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Hand Pain: Causes and Remedies

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Hand pain is a characteristic symptom of various morbid conditions, which can specifically affect the fingers, the base of the fingers, the palm, the back or the wrist.

Its presence can have various repercussions on the gestures of the affected hand (s), for example preventing them from grasping objects or bending the fingers in an attempt to clench the fist.

The main causes of hand pain are carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendon cysts, and trigger finger and bone fractures. If you’re suffering from hand injuries or a hand problem, a hand specialist in Orlando can help you minimize your pain and discomfort.

Understanding the precise condition at the origin of hand pain is essential for planning the most correct therapy.


What does it mean to have a bad hand?

Hand pain is a symptom that characterizes many morbid conditions, some more serious than others.
It can have various locations: it can affect the fingers, the base of the fingers, the palm, the back or the wrist.

It can also have various repercussions on gestures: some pains in the hands appear when the person involved makes a fist, when grasping objects, when carrying out simple daily life gestures such as uncorking a bottle or turning the car keys, etc.

Depending on the triggering causes, pain in the hand can be sharp, dull, intermittent, continuous or deep.


Persistent/recurrent hand pain (therefore not transient as that due to a simple contusion ) can result from injuries or diseases affecting one or more anatomical structures of the hands, including bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles and blood vessels.

The main causes of hand pain include:

  • Functional overload due to unusual activities;
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome ;
  • Arthritis;
  • Tendon cyst;
  • De Quervain syndrome;
  • Snap finger;
  • Fracture of a bone of the hand.

These conditions can be responsible for both unilateral pain (i.e. in one of the two hands) and bilateral pain (i.e. in both hands).

Fracture of a Finger of the Hand

What is a Fracture of a Finger of the Hand?

Bone fractures of the hands are injuries of a mostly traumatic nature, consisting of the breaking of one or more bones making up the skeleton of the hands.
Recalling briefly that the bone skeleton of a human hand comprises 27 bones that can be divided into three categories, known as carpal bones, metacarpal bones and phalanges, bone fractures in the hands can be: simple, complex, multiple or compound.
The pain in the hand, induced by a fracture, is very intense and usually occurs at the point of the break.

Other Symptoms

In addition to pain in the hand, other typical symptoms are a sense of stiffness, swelling and reduced mobility.

How to Treat a Fracture in the Finger of the Hand?

If finger pains are due to fractures of the phalanges, treatment includes: applying a stiff cast or splint to the affected finger or fingers, the rest of the affected hand, analgesics to relieve pain, and physiotherapy once the callus has occurred.


The physical examination and the anamnesis are the starting diagnostic tests, in the path that leads to the identification of the precise causes of pain in the hand.
So, depending on what emerges from these, doctors may prescribe a radiograph ( X-ray ) of the hand, an MRI of the hand, a bone scan, an ultrasound, electromyography, or electroneurography.
Recognizing the precise triggers of hand pain is essential for planning the most appropriate therapy.

Therapy and Remedies

What To Do About Hand Pain?

As previously reported, the therapeutic management of hand pain depends on the triggering cause and the persistence of symptoms and you require a pain management.

In the most trivial cases, a little restice and possibly over-the-counter painkillers and physiotherapy are sufficient (when needed, the latter can be decisive for the improvement of the symptomatologic picture).
In more complex situations, however, surgery or alternative treatments may also be necessary, but in any case, more specific than the previous ones.

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