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This article tells about Harry’s death and how it happened. Harry Reeder Auto Injury.

Know about Harry Reeder What is his popularity as a minister? What caused him to lose his life? What is the reaction of the people when they learn about the death? Harry is from United State . You may have been able to get some details on the accident. You can read the article to find out more about Reeder Car Accident .

Harry Reeder

He was born in Birmingham, Alabama on May 10, 52. His faith was instilled in him at an early age by a loving Christian family. Harry Reeder is a Christian author, preacher, and speaker who was well known. Harry Reeder was known for his devotion to the Gospel and passion for helping others.

Reeder settled down in the area to become a pastor of the Pinelands Presbyterian Church, Miami. He earned his Master’s of Divinity at the Florida Theological Center, in Miami, and Westminster Seminary, in Philadelphia. In two and a quarter years, he grew Pinelands Presbyterian Church to 400 members. Reeder Birmingham Reeder, in February 1983, Reeder became the pastor of Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, North Carolina. It reached more than 3000 people with 38 people.

Causes of Death

The Reverend Harry Reeder, III tragically died in a car accident on 18 May 2023. The back of the dump truck that was parked to turn at the time, hit the car. The 75-year old pastor was declared deceased by the police despite their quick arrival. His sudden death has deeply affected the church and wider community. Pastor Reeder had a reputation for being a man of great compassion and a leader in spiritual matters.

Harry Reeder Obituary

The crash occurred at around 10 am near the intersection of Dunnavant Valley Road and close to the newly opened Dunnavant Valley Park. His loved ones were in shock at the news. For the moment, there is no information on the obituary. Reeder’s family did not reveal any details of his obituary.


  • Name: Harry Reeder
  • Age: 75
  • DOB: 10 May 1952
  • Birmingham, Alabama Birth Place
  • Wife: Cindy Reeder
  • Children: Jennifer Toomer Abigail Leib Harry IV
  • East Carolina University
  • Career: Senior Pastor
  • Died On: May 18 2023
  • Net Worth: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Height: Unknown

Harry Reeder age

Lina Evans confirmed that Reeder was pronounced dead on the spot by the coroner of Shelby County. Reeder was the senior pastor at Briarwood from its founding in 1939 until the Rev. Frank Barker, the founder of Briarwood, resigned from his position in 1999. Barker was supportive of Reeder becoming senior pastor. The chapel receives close to 4,000 visitors every week.

The wife and children of Harry

Reeder was survived by his wife Cindy and three children. He also had grandkids. He was also an author and podcast host.

In the article, you can find more information on Harry Reeder car accident.

Reeder completed his first year of college at East Carolina University. After getting married, he left college to allow his wife to finish her undergraduate chemistry studies at UNC Charlotte. Reeder completed his college education at Covenant College four years after leaving East Carolina University in order to follow a ministry and see his wife graduate.

The Harry Reeder car accident was explained in detail.

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According to online sources, Harry Reeder was killed in a Shelby County accident on May 18, 2023. The authorities stated that when the truck stopped to turn, the Reeder vehicle hit its back. This resulted in his death. Reeder was 75. Reeder is 75 years old.

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