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Harta Demencia’s fans and followers are concerned about Harta Demencia’s health after he was recently attacked. The Worldwide audience was captivated by the viral video of the attack. What date was the incident? Where was it? Who were the assassins Harta Demencia was what happened? The footage from the Demencia attack can be found online.

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Harta Demencia was born Joel Eliseo Duarte. He is also known as Fed Up Dementia. Demencia was a dedicated person who served people with addiction to cannabis, chemicals and other substances that can be used to achieve the sensations of joy, excitement, or high.

A small pucca house was built with tin roofing to help addicts. The house was also available for homeless people. A few blogs discussed the news of Demencia’s attack. Its video didn’t go Viral on Reddit. This house is known for its rehabilitation clinic in Nueva Prosperina in northwest Guayaquil.

Video content:

Demencia was at the rehabilitation center on Friday, February 24, 2023. One of the five assassins on the bike captured the event. Two of them used heavy hammers for breaking the front tin doors. They were wearing black, red and shorts.

They went into the first room which was empty. Tiktok shared the video 21.799+ likes, and 18,69,656+ videos. To enter the hallway and bedrooms, they broke the second tindoor. After they had checked every room, there was chaos in the hallway. A few of their roommates hidden under the bed. They were eventually pulled out of the bed and brought into the room.

The hitmen demanded that the victims lie down on the ground. The video showed eight victims. Demencia was one of them. Eight videos, including news and reviews, were available on Youtube. He was wearing jeans and a blue T-shirt, and was lying next to five other victims. The video does not show his face at first.

The video is approximately 00:03.32 minutes in length and 124 MB long. This video was captured with a low resolution mobile camera in portal mode. Six people were lying on the bed when the killers opened fire at them. Instagram No videos related to Demencia’s attack were found. The video contained 30 to 33 rounds.

The firing ended at 00:02:31. The second part of this video was taken by people in rehabilitation centers. Four people were killed in the video starting at 00:02:52.

Demencia survived the attack but was unable to move and lay on the ground. Video showed blood streaming from Demencia’s mouth. The room’s bedsheets were also covered in blood. Telegram is a private messaging group. The presence or circulation of video related to Demencia’s attack on Demencia cannot be determined. This video is not recommended for viewers as it contains disturbing content.

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Social media sites have shared mini video clips that range from 11 to 15 seconds in length and are between 6.43 MB and 8.77 MB. The full video, however, is only available on a handful of websites. Demencia was admitted at the hospital. Rumours circulated about Demencia’s passing. According to the most recent updates, Demencia appears to be slowly recovering. Keep Demencia in your thoughts and prayers.

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