Has technological progress made our life easier?

The 21st century is undoubtedly the age of IT (Information Technology) since the technological advances of the last decade have far exceeded what humans have achieved in centuries. At the same time, it is quite fascinating and very tough to comprehend the progress taking place. The advantages of technological progress certainly outweigh all disadvantages. 

Thanks to technology, people can enjoy life without problems. If we take a step back and reflect, we will realize the captivating inventions of technology that have completely changed the way we perceive life. 

Advantages of technology in our lives:

From wearing a smartwatch to driving semi-automatic cars, technology has penetrated every aspect of our lives. Below is a list of some reasons that explain why we benefit from everyday advances:

1. Easy access to information

One of the greatest inventions of the century is the World Wide Web, more commonly known as WWW. It makes it possible to goggle practically anything. Thanks to the advent of the internet, access to information has become easier than ever. One of the most incredible benefits of technology, right?

For example, if we need to know the nearest coffee shop that is open late at night, the internet can help. Needless to say, it has begun to replace some of the technologies we grew up with. Radio and television are significant examples. Recent technology provides us with reliable sources of information at a very fast pace. Just press a few buttons and look for what you need!

Accessing information has become so easy that we can find everything we need online. If we need to learn a language, we can do it, for example, on DuoLingo. If we desire to know the latest news and want to be aware of everything that’s happening in the world, we can visit websites like New York Times. If we need free books, OpenLibrary provides us with this chance. Even finding contacts has become available. If we need phone numbers or work email addresses, we can find them on Leadar.

2. Time-saving

One of the greatest advantages of technology is undoubtedly the fact that it is time-saving. Now we can live a faster life. Think about it for a second. How long would it take people to navigate an unfamiliar city without proper navigation? If we quickly need groceries, delivery services are here for us. We don’t need to go anywhere and can remain in the comfort of our own homes.

All this allows to save more time and leaves room for other tasks. Similarly, communicating with others has been a lot easier than before. If we want to talk to someone who is miles away, we can just send a text. Reaching others was time-consuming before.

3. Ease mobility

Taking into account the current scenario, our life would be inconceivable without a car or any other vehicle. Different modes of transport are improvised every year to be much faster and more efficient than the ones earlier generations drove. Thus, this is the main benefit of technology which has changed our life drastically. International travel would take many days or several months without what we have now. In addition, now we can cover the long distance in just a few hours if we travel by plane or high-speed train.

4. Seamless communication

The latest technology is gradually replacing the old one. No matter how difficult the transition period was, today it’s almost impossible to imagine our life without these last replacements. The best example is the use of letters, which were later replaced by mobile phones. Now all of the information is placed into a single small device.

Instant messages and video calls have made the communication process seamless. All the life comforts in the modern world are nothing more than the advantages of various technologies.

5. Remote work

Technology is becoming progressive every single day. If people don’t want to visit an office, they can work remotely. It’s one of the novelties that especially gained popularity in 2019 after the Covid-19 pandemic. Now a laptop with a web camera makes it easy for people to work from anywhere. Who would have thought about this 20 years ago? 

6. Innovation in various fields

In a postmodern world heavily influenced by digitization, from the field of medicine to agriculture, technology has created the perfect global revolution. Innovation in medical science helps us fight the deadliest diseases and complications. At the same time, with the application of better agricultural techniques, we are now able to grow healthier food much faster.

Technology has greatly improved our life expectancy to some extent. It is thus the backbone that sustains different fields simultaneously.

7. Greater entertainment

This is the era of binge-watching, and the entertainment industry has been greatly improved by technology. Smartphones and computers have led us to abandon television and radio a long time ago. At the same time, we can entertain ourselves anywhere: at home, during long rides, on the plane. Yes, computer games can keep anyone from getting bored. However, now people pay less attention to leisure activities such as swimming, riding horses, and bicycling. Still, it’s important sometimes to put a computer or a phone aside and enjoy something that makes us feel present.

8. Advanced medicine

Bionic knee braces are the latest invention that modern science has come up with. Whether it is a soldier who has lost one of their limbs or someone who has been in an accident and has become disabled, prosthetic legs are what makes such people experience again what they didn’t have.

This gift of technology should always be cherished as one of humanity’s greatest achievements. It helps some people to take the long road to success without making them think that they are incapable of achieving their goals.

The growth of technology has not ceased to amaze people. It shows its effectiveness in all areas and has taken an inevitable place in all areas of human life. Think for a second: can you imagine your life without all the devices you have? It’s practically impossible.

Christopher Stern

Christopher Stern is a Washington-based reporter. Chris spent many years covering tech policy as a business reporter for renowned publications. He has extensive experience covering Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Federal Trade Commissions. He is a graduate of Middlebury College. Email:[email protected]

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