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He longs to walk with you again

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You frequently enjoy going for walks with your friend. Along with making fitness enjoyable, going for a stroll will strengthen your friendship. Jesus enjoyed taking his followers on this kind of trek, and he still enjoys doing so today. The location of hidden location is merely the starting point. God intends for us to develop a close friendship with him that we live out in the course of our daily lives. An everyday walk of uninterrupted contact with our Lord and companion is what Cooke Revivals aspires to. Even the creator of the universe, God, yearns to connect with you. He doesn’t need anything, but rather since He is a loving being by nature. God desires for you to know Him and to experience His majesty. God intended to have an eternal connection with you. You matter because you were uniquely created in the image of the universe’s creator.

God wants only the best for you. God cares deeply about your welfare. Keep it in mind. You are loved by God! He not only created you, but He also has a flawless plan for your life that will bring you the highest happiness and contentment. The Lord is your constant companion. He is living through every circumstance with you. He will always be by your side because he loves and cares for you. Regardless of who you are, where you are, what you have done in the past, or what you are doing right now, he is there for you. The Lord never promised that living on earth would be simple. There will be difficult moments and difficulties for us to overcome. But it will all be worth it when we leave this planet.

If you think that some of your actions must have pushed God away from you and now you could never return, then you are certainly wrong. Since life is a journey, and sooner or later, we all become lost. That is a necessary side effect of being human, my friend. Every trip starts with a single step taken in the right direction, but as life progresses, it’s all too easy to lose our way if we don’t keep our eyes kept on the goal. You’ve probably heard it said that when our concentration is off by even a small amount over a sufficiently long period of time, it can take us in unexpected directions. We’ve all, regrettably, been there. Cooke Revivals’ members are here to share God’s love and light with others and to proclaim that he is our Savior.

Prophet Tracy Cooke wants you to understand that God didn’t raise Enoch to glory to impress us with his religiosity. God was not claiming that if you become as spiritual as Enoch, you will also be transported to heaven. God utilized this particular situation to illustrate a certain point. God was saying that he adores taking walks with His men! He made the decision to showcase Enoch’s example by doing something spectacular with him since he was the first man to actually walk with Him. To emphasize how much he appreciates and desires a daily walking relationship with His people, He brought him up to heaven. Prophet Tracy Cooke wants to introduce Jesus to the people in a way that has never been done before while encouraging men, women, and children to live up to their full potential in God. God will support you no matter what you are going through. You can always call on him for assistance. Cry out to him when you’re furious and irritated. Cry out to him when you’re sad and feel like you can’t take it anymore. He will always be there to help you pick yourself up and move on. God has been drawing you into a deeper walk with him because he longs to walk beside you. Cooke Revivals is honored to be a member of your family and spiritual community. An intercessory team that we have put together is available to pray for and with you over the phone or via email. They want to build relationships with everyone who contacts them, as the Lord intended, and they want to keep guiding you through the Bible and prayer.

About Prophet Tracy Cooke: Prophet Tracy Allen Cooke founded Cooke Revivals as an Evangelist, a ministry that shares inspiring religious material via blogs, videos, outreach programs, and their esteemed prophetic school, “Elisha Training Centre.” Prophet Tracy Cooke is renowned for his ministry of signs, wonders, and miracles, in addition to the strength of the prophetic anointing that sits upon him. Prophet Tracy is a person who God brought from obscurity to a position of power over entire countries. He is currently participating in revivals all over the US and the world.

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