Heidi Firkus Obituary What Happened To Heidi Firkus?

Heidi Erickson Firkus of Saint Paul passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at age 25 on April 25, 2010 due to heart complications. Heidi left an indelible mark on many lives through her commitment to faith and family commitment during her short lifetime.

Who Was Heidi Erickson Firkus?

Heidi was an exceptional source of hope and motivation for many. As soon as she made a commitment to Lord Jesus Christ at an early age, Heidi remained true in all that she did – emanating positivity with kindness; experiencing spiritual connections within herself that went deeper than other religions could offer; radiating positivity that gave hope. Those close to Heidi can attest to Heidi’s impactful message to followers worldwide of all religions alike – she touched so many lives through her deep commitment and belief system.

How Did Family Play a Role in Heidi’s Life?

Family was a cornerstone in Heidi’s life. She was dearly loved by her immediate family and enjoyed close bonds with each of them, from husband Nick Erickson and beloved daughter Linda Erickson all the way down to two brothers Peter and Joel Erickson who are married to women named Jolene; together their families are raising four children: Henry Isaiah Seth Josephine

Who Preceded and Survived Heidi?

Tragically, Heidi was preceded in death by her paternal grandparents, Mendell & Dorothy Erickson. However, her legacy continues through her loving husband, Nick, her parents, John & Linda Erickson, and her brothers and their families. Additionally, Heidi’s maternal grandparents, Gene & Mary Rausch, and her parents-in-law, Steve & Julie Firkus, along with numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins, mourn her untimely passing.

Where Can Friends and Family Pay Their Respects?

Commemorate her life at CALVARY CHURCH located at 2120 Lexington Ave N in Roseville from 5:30 PM until 7:00 PM with friends and family gathering prior to an evening service beginning at 7.00 pm. It promises to be an evening of remembrance, where stories can be shared, and Heidi’s life can be celebrated.

How Can One Contribute in Heidi’s Memory?

In honor of Heidi’s commitment to her faith and community, a special fund has been set up titled the “Heidi Erickson Firkus Calvary Youth Missions Fund.” Those who wish to contribute can send their gifts to Calvary Church. This fund will serve as a lasting tribute to Heidi, ensuring her legacy lives on and continues to impact the youth and missions she was so passionate about.

What Legacy Does Heidi Leave Behind?

Heidi left behind lasting memories from a life lived devoted to faith, family commitments and deep community love. All who were fortunate enough to know Heidi will forever recall how brightened every room with her presence, unfaltering faith and profound affection for family and friends alike.

As we mourn, it’s essential that we remember how one individual can have such a positive influence in society. Heidi Erickson Firkus is a testament to that, and through the memories she left behind and the fund set up in her name, her spirit will continue to inspire and touch lives for years to come.

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