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High-End Thermoforming Packaging Machines Specially Customized By Utien

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Utien Pack is a technical company that aims to develop highly automated packaging lines. Our current core products included a variety of products from a variety of industries, including electronics, chemistry, food, pharmaceuticals, and household chemicals. Utien Pack was established in 1994 and grew into a well-known brand over the course of 20 years. We have drafted four national standards and hold more than 20 patents for technology. Our products are manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 certification requirement. Using safe packaging technology, we create high-quality packaging machines and improve everyone’s lives. We provide solutions to improve the package and the future.

Promoting sales and product brands requires good packaging. Your product’s packaging must pique the interest of your intended customers if you want to win their business. Your product can stand out from others with similar packaging.

Utien is a manufacturer of a variety of thermoforming packaging machines. This machine can form, seal, cut, and output packaging trays automatically.

Principle of Thermoforming

Thermoforming packaging is based on the common thermoplastic sheet forming principle, which enables bottom trays to be stretched to produce a variety of appearances depending on the mold. Cover the product with a cover film and heat seal it in the appropriate packaging. Last but not least, a variety of knife combinations are used to cut the packaging into individual packs.

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Thermoforming packaging machines can be used with a variety of third-party auxiliary equipment, such as manipulators, automatic filling equipment, automatic weighing, printers, UV sterilizers, labeling machines, metal detection equipment, and so on. A lot of human resources can be saved by using automated packaging, which only requires a few people to monitor and maintain. The equipment also has a self-check and alarm feature that can prompt the defective component to complete maintenance and adjustment in a timely manner.

Machine Safety

The machine’s safety The machine’s overall safety is crucial. A protective shield made of stainless steel covers important workstations to prevent access to internal components. By using an alarm sensor, this safety shield prevents machine opening accidents during operation. A product’s shelf life is extended and the product’s safety is ensured by good packaging. For hard film packaging, we typically make use of modified atmosphere packaging. Changing the gas ratio to stop the growth of microorganisms inside the package ensures food safety.

Durability and Quality

A high-quality piece of packaging equipment can make packaging of a high quality. Packaging of a high quality can pique the interest of consumers. It is possible to boost sales if the packaging is customized appropriately. In addition, customers may place a high value on stability, efficiency, and durability.

Food stays fresh in small portion packaging

 In the processing center, food goes through a series of deep processing steps right from the raw materials before entering the retail market in small packages. The intermediate wholesale and repackaging process is stopped, manual contact is reduced, and various exposures to pollution from the outside are reduced. The freshness and original flavor of the food are almost always guaranteed.

Vacuum, modified atmosphere, and vacuum skin packaging are frequently used to preserve food’s freshness.

Packing by vacuum: removing the food’s air prevents aerobic bacteria from reproducing.

Packaging with a modified atmosphere: Fill the container with protective gas based on the vacuum. During long-distance transportation, it can protect food from deformation caused by collision and extrusion, inhibit the growth of bacteria, and maintain the moisture and chemical balance of the storage environment.

Packaging with vacuum skin: Putting products on display in a three-dimensional way makes them look better and helps them last longer, which is good for expanding the market.

Smaller portion packaging better for health

Food can provide all of the water, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that our bodies require in sufficient quantities. However, eating too much can also lead to a number of diseases, including diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and hyperglycemia. As a result, small packaged foods can help us control our food intake and cut back on eating too much. Small meals are also used by many women and fitness professionals to lose weight and keep in shape.

Life become easier with small portion packaging

Food in small portions is very light and will not be limited by time or occasion, making life easier. They are extremely popular at a variety of events, including gatherings of friends, an indoor office, and trips for business.

More fun in life with small portion packaging

Food is used not only to satisfy one’s appetite but also to bring spiritual pleasure. Small portion packaging makes life more enjoyable. A product’s eye-catching packaging can entice consumers to buy it right away and even force them to buy it multiple times. As a result, major food retailers have also begun investing heavily in packaging design.

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