High-frequency hearing loss: Can hearing aids help?

There are three basic categories which is sensorineural, conductive, and mixed. In this article, we will talk more about high-frequency hearing loss, which falls under sensorineural hearing loss. Hearing aids are commonly known to amplify low-frequency sounds, however, with the advancements in hearing aid technology, hearing aids now do so much more. 

What is high-frequency hearing loss?

Diagram showing sensorinueral hearing loss and how it works.

High-frequency hearing loss is one of the most common types and is a sensorinueral hearing loss. Sensorinueral hearing loss occurs when there is damage to the inner ear where the place of origin of the nerve that runs from the ear to the auditory nerve, or the brain. 

The damage can also be to the tiny hair cells in the inner ear also known as stereocilia. High-frequency hearing loss refers to high-pitched sounds not being able to be heard well. This condition can affect anyone of any age, however, it is more common in elderly with age-related hearing loss as well as people who are exposed to loud noises. Sometimes the problem is minor and can be sorted with the help of professional ear cleaning.

Causes of high-frequency hearing loss

Elderly facing hearing loss cupping his ears trying to head sounds

There are two categories of which causes high-frequency sensorinueral hearing loss which is acquired or congenital. The most common one most people have is acquired hearing loss. Acquired refers to hearing loss that builds up after being born such as from ageing, noise, disorders, infections, head trauma, tumors, or medication. 

Congenital sensorinueral hearing loss on the other hand happens during pregnancy hence it has a lower chance of occurring. Some of the causes include maternal diabetes, genetics, infectious diseases, lack of oxygen, or prematurity. 

Types of treatment for high-frequency hearing loss

Teen calling father with bluetooth digital hearing aids.

High-frequency hearing loss usually cannot be cured or reversed. However, hearing aids work perfectly for high-frequency hearing loss. At The Hearing Centre, a Singapore-based country that provides hearing care, provides an extensive selection of hearing aids that are programmable for hobbies such as listening to music or watching a movie.

Generally, the most suitable type of hearing aid for high-frequency hearing loss is receiver-in-the-ear (RITE) with a dome that sits perfectly in the ear canal. The reason why this is most suitable is due to an open fit style which does not muffle the low-frequency sounds that the wearer still hears naturally. 

At The Hearing Centre, upon getting your results from a free hearing test, a certified audiologist would be able to programme the hearing aid amplifying sounds at only the frequencies that the wearer struggles to hear. Those who are facing trouble hearing would not need to worry finding hearing aids in Singapore as The Hearing Centre provides the latest hearing aids have to offer that improves quality of life.

What is the audible sound range for someone with high-frequency hearing loss?

Providing hearing test

Someone who is facing high-frequency hearing loss will face trouble hearing sounds between the 2000 to 8000 Hz range. Hence, they have trouble listening to women, young children, and letters such as ‘s’, ‘h’, or ‘f’ sounds. To find out if you are facing any form of hearing loss, book a free hearing test and consultation from The Hearing Centre to be tested by a certified and experienced audiologist. 


Hearing aids can not only help with high-frequency hearing loss but also improve the quality of life by allowing the wearer to carry out their hobbies as well as daily activity just like any other individual. To find out more about hearing aids, hear from our certified and knowledgable audiologists at The Hearing Centre. 

With 7 convenient locations around Singapore, individuals would not need to travel far to get a free hearing test and consultation from an experienced audiologist at The Hearing Centre.  Together with an association with many famous ENT specialists and doctors in Singapore, The Hearing Centre aims to give the utmost professional service to the community, providing hearing care and improving quality of life. 

Contact The Hearing Centre to find out about the extensive selection of hearing aids that is offered. Visit The Hearing Centre’s Facebook page or Instagram page to learn more fun facts about hearing aids. Book an appointment today by calling 6474 2216 or WhatsApp at 9776 7615.

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