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This post is Hills Granada Coach High School. It shares an incident to alert readers to a basketball coach who has been involved in misconduct with a child.

What happened in the high school? What did the basketball coach do to a minor? The basketball coach has been arrested. Is the basketball coach being questioned by people in the United States and other places around the world?

The incident involving a minor in a high-school is a hot topic. The arrest of the coach is also a hot topic on social media. Let’s check out this article below to learn more about Hills Granada Coach High School.

What happened in Granada Hills High School

The incident involving a basketball trainer who engaged in illicit acts on a minor is being investigated by officials. The investigation is also looking for other students who may have been involved in the alleged inappropriate conduct of a basketball teacher at a school located in Granada Hills.

Officials claim that the high school in the Zelzah Ave. 10500 block is where Gabriel Chavez (36-year-old Chatsworth) coached basketball. This block is home to Granada Hills Charter High School.

What is the allegation against Hills Granada Coach High school ?

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, Gabriel has been accused of inappropriately interacting with a minor while teaching at a high school. Gabriel was detained after being accused of several charges of inappropriate behavior towards a minor.

Is Gabriel’s case still under investigation?

The LAPD Devonshire Detective Division, in collaboration with staff at the school, is conducting an investigation to find and contact any additional individuals that may have been victims of Gabriel in the past or who might have seen him engage in illicit conduct or activity.

Has the police released Gabriel Chavez’s photo?

The photo of Gabriel Chavez has been circulated by law enforcement officials to locate any other victims or eyewitnesses.

The former basketball coach at the high school shown in the image circulated is being held for lewd conduct with a minor. Law enforcement officials are urging you to look over the picture and contact them if there are any additional details.

To whom should I reach out for more information on Hills Granada Coach High School the case?

Call 818-832-6009 to reach Ruben Arellano or Danielle Tumbleson, the LAPD’s sexual assault investigators and detectives in the Devonshire Area and inform them of any information.

For calls made outside normal business hours or on the weekends, dial 1-877-527-3243. You can also contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-2477 for a confidential tip.

Gabriel’s professional details:

Chavez’s involvement with the institution ended in January 2023. Chavez had worked and volunteered for other youth organizations in the city.

Quick Wiki Hills Granada Coach High School 

  • Gabriel Chavez is his real name
  • Date of birth – Unknown
  • Age: 36 years
  • Parents- No information available
  • Marital status- No information available
  • Siblings- No information available
  • Basketball coach is a profession
  • Residence- Chatsworth
  • Granada Hills Charter High School is a job location.
  • School location- Zelzah Avenue, Block number- 10500


Gabriel Chavez was accused recently of misbehaving, and engaging in inappropriate activities with a minor. Law enforcement officials are investigating the incident involving the basketball coach, including whether any other pupils were affected.

Have you heard about the basketball coach’s inappropriate behavior with a child? Comment below on how to prevent such incidents.

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