HIV Stigma: How to Tackle HIV Stigma

HIV is a bit different from many other STDs. In fact, it is a worse disease than any other, not only because of the intensity of the damage it does to the body but also because of the stigma attached to it. Unfortunately, despite the best treatments nowadays, which make it completely possible for a person with HIV to have a healthy life without transmitting the virus to anyone else, the world’s society is still living with the same HIV stigma.

Exactly after the HIV epidemic of the 1980s and 1990s, the stigma and discrimination surrounding HIV increased in a rapid way. In fact, it is incredibly hard to overcome. Moreover, most of the states and almost every region in the world have protected the rights of people and run diverse campaigns to reduce ignorance and fear about HIV. However, people are still judged and hated. Fired from jobs, sacked from residences, and limitations and hatred with the families, especially in the US.

The thing that hits them the hardest is when their family and friends leave them after finding out about their HIV. In fact, there is discrimination in the health sector where HIV patients are treated completely differently. Unfortunately, there is no stopping the stigma, and it keeps getting worse and worse.

How to Overcome and Tackle the HIV Stigma:

Overcoming the HIV stigma may be an impossible task. Although there are some initiatives that you can pursue because doing something is better than doing nothing,

One of the problems is that people are not aware of these diseases. In fact, they don’t want to know about them due to embarrassment or any other reason. Many people consider HIV, STDs, STIs, and all other diseases the same. Moreover, some believe that they are untreated and can be transferred to other people, which is why they always avoid those who have it.

First things first, there should be proper consultations from door to door where people can get knowledge about HIV and all other STDs. Knowing these things will at least make them aware of how to prevent them, and if they are diagnosed, you can tackle them.

Each and every person in the society must know that sticking to the HIV treatment can completely reduce the amount of HIV virus in the blood. In fact, the test will not catch the virus afterwards. So by receiving treatment, a person with HIV can live a healthy and safe life with all the other members of society.

What you need if you are HIV positive:

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