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Home Decor Trends for Autumn Winter 2022-23

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It is appropriate to feel joy and celebration during this Autumn winter. It is time for us to think about our values, sense of adventure, and unique style. It’s the season to try new things and break free from rigid notions of what a house should look like.

Autumn winter sees a return to a more self-assured and upbeat home decor style, marked by bold references to the past and a colourful, retro-inspired take on cupboard painting.

Your Home Décor Sense Reflects Your Style

Things that are timeless and add nostalgia to our surroundings will be highly sought after during the fall and winter. Our kitchens will dramatically change as we adopt imaginative tiling, whimsical colorways, cupboard painting, and innovative ways of displaying our trinkets and treasures.

In this article, we’ve gathered predictions from Industry insiders for the upcoming fall-winter home décor trends.

1.    Brighten Your House with New Colors

It’s heartening that people increasingly desire to incorporate colour into their homes to improve their well-being. The soft pink that has emerged as the colour of choice to evoke a sense of wellness is among the pastels most likely to elicit joy and happiness.

Blush pink walls, when paired with white cabinets and brass fixtures, make for a room that is at once homey and cutting-edge. Hire interior painters in Calgary or the nearby area if you want a timeless and expert look in your home,

2.    Walls Panelling

There are many painters in Calgary or wherever you live who offer wall panelling services, but if you want to cut down on cost, you can do it yourself with some online research. The DIY project has gained much traction as users see how much difference the addition of wall panelling can make in a room.

3.    Accessorize Your Living Space 

Add bright accessories to inject life into a dull living room colour scheme. Change the look by rearranging your accent pieces in the room’s four corners. Selecting a bold fall accent colour to add via accessories can completely alter the look of your space.

4.    Be Aesthetic; Seek Out Wood.

Statement walls, high beams, finished ceilings, and treated floors are traditional woodwork reimagined for today’s interiors. Woods gives homes some much-needed authenticity in a world where concrete and steel are the norm. You can avail of the services of painters in Calgary or its surrounding to add a charming touch of rustic charm to modern interiors.

5.    Add Some Wonderful Fragrance To Your Home

Scented candles, reed diffusers, potpourri, air fresheners, and aroma misters affect how you feel when you enter your room on a cold evening. Vanilla, lavender, apple cinnamon, and amber are all fantastic options for making your home smell festive.

6.    Woven Elements

This trend can be seen everywhere, from furniture to clothing, and it even extends to home decor. Natural texture can be incorporated into various styles, including bohemian, traditional, and minimalist.

7.    Make Use Of Ambient Lighting

Lighting is one of the most crucial parts of designing a stunning room. Natural light is best, but indirect lighting is also very adequate. Instead of using overhead lights, try using ambient lighting.


Observing what’s popular can provide some valuable pointers. Go to places you don’t usually go, and use what you find to inspire your designs and colour schemes. The bestpainters in Calgary or nearby will tell you that the key to making your home look current while still being functional is to layer different styles. Refresh your textiles, print patterns, and smaller accessories if you want something that will stand the test of time and equally bring character into your interiors.

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