Hood County Fires Shelter and Evacuation Process

This article describes a wildfire rapidly spreading in Texas, and how it affected official rescue operations. Continue reading Hood County Fires.

Are you interested in more information about the ongoing wildfires that have decimated thousands of acres of forest? If so, let’s dive into the current cases and the official information about rescue operations.

Residents of the United States, as well as other countries around the world, are shocked at the destruction of forests and the loss of various species associated with them.

Let’s dive deep into this important topic and examine the current status and updates of Hood County Fireplaces.

WildFire Hood

Hood county is among the worst-affected counties, along with Eastland and Erath. To protect people and their lives from disaster, fire service officials issue evacuation orders. The officials list nearby shelters for those who are in high-risk zones.

The wind pushes the fire to higher elevations, increasing its speed. An injured firefighter was involved in the rescue operation. Roger Deeds, Hood County Sheriff, officially announced the injury on 20 March 2022. Learn more about Hood County Texas.

Shelter and Evacuation Process

  • Lipan residents are advised to move out of their houses and take refuge in nearby shelters, until the wildfire dies down.
  • To explain the severity of the current situation, Hood County Sheriff officials visited Lipan.
  • The County Sherriff’s office provided a list of shelter homes that were available to residents.
  • Both firefighters and government officials continue to work together to lessen the devastating effects of the wildfires.
  • Due to the rapid spread fire to new areas, shelter homes are expected to house more people.

Hood County Fires

  • Tolar and Lipan residents are most susceptible to be affected by wind-driven wildfires.
  • Three main shelters were set up on Granbury by the County Sherriff to house the residents.
  • National Weather Service also provided emergency fire warnings at several locations.

Housing Options for Hood Residents

  • The 1st Christian Church is located at 2109 West Hwy, 377 Granbury.
  • 1st United Methodist Church located at 301 Loop in 567 Granbury.
  • Granbury’s 1475 Rd is where you will find the YMCA. Read more about Hood County Fires.
  • The church of Jesus Christ, Ros Lane Granbury (1226), offers another shelter.
  • Camp Cruis is found at Granbury.
  • To accommodate more people affected, temporary camping spots are also provided.
  • Residents affected by the Somervell Expo, Glen Rose are offered a campsite.


Wildfires can be very dangerous if they aren’t controlled properly. Hood County residents are evacuated to their shelter homes. Please refer to for more.

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