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Hood raised funds via Shark Tank India

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Are you looking for an anonymous social networking App? Do you want to protect your privacy? Are you looking for a website that is anonymous, secure, and doesn’t track your location? If so then check out the privacy aspects of Hood. Hood is an anonymous social networking App that promises privacy and security. Recently the Hood app on Shark tank was able to raise funding. 

About the Hood App

It is an anonymous social networking App on which users can get any anonymous identity so that it delivers a secure social networking experience. The Hood App is designed to provide privacy and security. It is a site that will not track the user’s location nor will they show up on the user’s data list. The website was launched with the identity of its founder and CEO and Co-Founder Jasveer Singh.

The app also allows users to view, send and enjoy live video feeds without uploading any videos themselves on the app. Earlier its name was Zorro. 

What is an Anonymous Social Media Network?

Anonymous Social Media Network is an online platform where you can interact with other people without revealing your identity. The interactions are registered by the site under a fictitious name, which you can choose for yourself at the time of registration. These social networking sites help you get connected with people from all over the world and avoid revealing your personal information to them. You can choose a username which will not expose your identity. Also, you can use these sites to post, comment or chat with your friends. Web3 also helps to keep your identity anonymous

What is Shark Tank India?

Shark Tank India is a reality show by Sony Pictures Television. This show was aired on Sony Television Network. It was the first ever Indian version of the American reality show Shark Tank on which entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to investors. The main objective of this show is to get investment for running their business from wealthy people or venture capitalists.

This series features well-known Indian celebrities who are playing the role of Shark investors and entrepreneurs on the show. The investors will decide if your idea is worth enough to invest in or not. 

What happened to the Hood app on Shark tank India?

Jasveer Singh, CEO and Co-Founder of Hood.in, appeared on Shark Tank India with an idea of promoting social media sites through his new App. This App is designed to launch anonymous social media sites. The App helps users to create different identities without revealing their real identity through which they can share their thoughts and ideas freely with other people in this community.

The website was launched by Singh along with his team that has been involved in research and development of the website since the last two years. This app has won $3.2 million as a part of its seed funding round co-led by venture capital firms 3one4 Capital and 9Unicorn LLC.

Singh stated that he has been working to develop this App since 2016 under the identity of Zorro and it has become one of the largest social networking platforms by now. This application is available on iOS as well as on Play Store. Singh said that he was looking forward to getting investment through Shark Tank India show and was looking for two investors for his company. The potential investors for Hood startup on Shark tank India were Rohit Bansal, Dheeraj Jain, and Amit Maheshwari who were keen to get involved in this project.

Who awarded the Hood startup on Shark tank India 2.9 Million Dollars?

Rohit Bansal, Dheeraj Jain and Amit Maheshwari were selected as the investors for Hood.in by Singh. These venture capital firms were interested in investing in Long Island Iced Tea which was initially rejected by Mark Cuban. However, after they got a second chance they made a whopping 2 million USD investment in this company which meant that they had to pay $7 million for a 40% stake of the company.

Who is the new shark on Shark Tank India Season 2?

Rannvijay Singha is replaced by comedian Rahul Dua. He was the former co-host of the Comedy Circus on Sony TV. He is also a stand-up comedian and an actor who will appear on the second season of Shark Tank India. He has worked in many films and TV shows like Who’s Your Daddy, Grand Masti.

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