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‘Hoops’ Canceled: Netflix’s Animated Basketball Comedy Will Not Have Season 2

In the Netflix cancellation section after a single season, we have ‘Hoops’. The animated comedy starring a foul-mouthed basketball coach and his high school team will not have a season 2. It premiered last August, its premiere went largely unnoticed.

Something that, in fact, speaks a lot about the marketing policies of the streaming platform, with those almost silent premieres (they launch a trailer a couple of weeks before and run) that rely, perhaps too much, on word of mouth to make the miracle and that people hit play as soon as it appears on the cover of Netflix.

The problem with that trust is that if you can’t find your audience, little can be done. And ‘Hoops’ should not have found that sector of the public, which adds to rather bad reception, with the most benign criticisms quite lukewarm.

Ben Hoffman, better known as Wheeler Walker Jr., signs the series that had Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (‘ Spider-Man: A New Universe ‘) as producers’ “endorsements.” Jake Johnson voices the lead in a cast consisting of Ron Funches, Cleo King, Natasha Leggero, AD Miles, Steve Berg, Rob Riggle, and Sam Richardson.


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