How A Proxy Can Protect and Help Your Business

Are you in need of continuous cybersecurity for your business and employees?

Using a proxy server enables you to surf the internet without leaving a trace or giving away the privacy of your clients’ information. 

YiluProxy guarantees you can remain anonymous while you do your business. 

What is a proxy?

A proxy is a server that serves as a barrier for the user’s actual IP address. In other words, a proxy acts as the IP address for your computer, keeping the true IP address hidden. 

This allows you to surf the internet without worrying that a hacker, scammer, identity thief, or other cybercriminal can access the data on your computer.

A proxy IP address will show up in all the data collected by website owners and other people who surf the internet instead of your own. 

How a proxy can help hide your footprint

A proxy can do many things for your business and personal use, depending on the type of proxy you use. 

The best proxies for a business are secure sockets layer (SSL) proxies, Data center proxies, and transparent proxies. 

An SSL proxy is great for a business that wants to protect their clients’ information and also boost their SEO rating. This is a favorite proxy of major search engines because it provides decryption to the user, locking away all information on the company site, as well as when they surf the internet.

A data center proxy can be beneficial for a company that tracks the data from those who visit their website. This proxy is not affiliated with an internet service provider, but is instead incorporated with a data center.  

A transparent proxy allows you, as the boss, to setup the proxy IP on your employee’s provided device without them knowing you are using it. This allows you to block out sites that can distract them from their work or be dangerous to the device. 

No matter which proxy you use, you can rest assured that a proxy will protect your information and the information of your clients.

Setting up your proxy

When setting up your proxy to run, you can set it up using a few different methods. 

You can set it up to run automatically whenever the computer connects to the internet. This is a good method if you have a proxy on a company provided device for an employee — keeps you from having to share account details. 

The other two methods are manual setup and using a setup script. With these two, you would need to input the IP address and port or the proxy server name, for manual setup, and the setup script location to start the setup script. 

Having a proxy can ensure your digital footprint is nonexistent. 

This means no more snoops, hackers, or scammers can track you. 

As a bonus, you can use several proxies, so you can ensure your employees aren’t surfing the web inappropriately during work hours.

YiluProxy has the best services and prices — with service in many countries. 

Get your proxy today and be protected.

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