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How Artificial Intelligence is Facilitating Healthcare During COVID-19- An Overview by Benjamin Gordon Cambridge Capital

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The pandemic has taken most of the economies around the world by surprise. When the first case of Coronavirus was reported, not many knew that this would be a doldrum for all the countries across the globe, jeopardizing their financial stability and hampering future growth. Rather, to correctly say that this pandemic would apply brakes in the growth of GDP of all economies. 

However, after many losses of lives, job cuts, stalled growth, and of course deaths, things seem to be finally turning around a little with the advent of the vaccine rollout. However, in this sphere too, it will take some time before things are streamlined because striking a balance between demand and supply of these vaccines for the population is a major challenge.

Artificial Intelligence is playing a vital role in healthcare during COVID-19, states Benjamin Gordon Cambridge Capital

Many companies are developing drones and artificial intelligence solutions that are helping clinicians in many ways. Some of how this technology has proved to be immensely beneficial include the following instances. With the help of this technology, clinicians can analyze the situation of the prevailing Coronavirus incidence. Also, it helps in predicting whether an outbreak is impending or not. it is also helping in monitoring and tracking the number of cases. This is helping the healthcare officials and medical practitioners to take the necessary steps before things can go out of hand. 

There are many such hospitals where the responsibility of thermal screening, taking temperatures, delivering medicines, and samples are being done by drones or robots. These drones and robots are driven by artificial intelligence technology. 

This setup is proving to be beneficial because it is not only reducing the load of several frontline health workers but is also safeguarding the professionals since the arrangement ensures that there is minimal contact between the patient and the medical staff. It helps the healthcare workers to stay safe and reduce the incidence or chances of contracting the virus. Sadly enough, many healthcare workers and frontline medical professionals have lost their lives to the virus while treating others. 

Benjamin Gordon Cambridge Capital believes that more such arrangements are in the pipeline and will be implemented in due course. 

Another instance when artificial intelligence has helped workers and is still doing so is in administrative assistance. We know that COVID-19 has resulted in several deaths across the globe. Unfortunately, many have lost their sole bread earner to the pandemic. However, the insurance claims that they make can now be handled using a platform driven by blockchain technology. This reduces the contact between patient’s families making the claims and the personnel that is looking after these documents and disbursing the proceeds of the claim, thereby ensuring that the contact is minimal or almost nil. 

Artificial Intelligence projects have revolutionized how COVID-19 is being tackled across the globe. More such AI-driven solutions are expected to hit the various sectors very soon. 

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