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How Black Friday has inspired copycat global events

Remember remember, that Black Friday comes in November! Not that there is any real danger of forgetting. What started as an American tradition has exploded in popularity. No longer is Black Friday a US-only event. It has become a global shopping phenomenon, with shoppers around the world looking to grab the very best in bargains.

As researched by Betway Casino, the biggest spenders for Black Friday are still in the USA. On average each American spends $497. That being said, in the UK we’re not too far behind with the average spend being around the $400 mark. For other countries though, it has become about more than just Black Friday. Inspired by the success of the event, these countries have gone ahead and created their own shopping frenzies.

Why copy Black Friday

Black Friday falls on the first Friday following Thanksgiving and is a time when shoppers literally run wild. Whether they are crowding bricks and mortar stores or causing websites around the world to crash, they are desperate to spend their money. The roaring success of the event means that it makes sense that it is something that other countries would like to recreate.

Betway Casino revealed that Black Friday 2020 saw an astonishing $58 billion being spent. What country wouldn’t want a slice of that pie? What country wouldn’t want to bake their own? That’s exactly what some countries have gone on to do.

Singles Day – China

Not wanting to be outdone by the US, China has created its own day that sees a mad spending spree. More to the point, the clever people at Alibaba have! Singles’ Day is celebrated on 11th November every year. It is the complete opposite of Valentines Day in that it celebrates singledom rather than relationships.

Alibaba, having seen the success of Black Friday, had a plan. A plan to offer some great discounts and bargains for the 24 hours of Singles’ Day. The result? In 2020, over $116 billion was spent, far outdoing Black Friday. As Bob Phibbs had to say while speaking to Betway: “If you have enough of a customer base who know you, you can do this kind of things”.

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Two other countries riding the wave

It is not just China that has been inspired by the success of Black Friday. In Mexico, there is El Buen Fin and in Australia, they have Click Frenzy. These are two more events that have proven that spending sprees and bargains aren’t restricted to Black Friday. Both of these events generate more than $100 million in sales. 

Does the original remain the best?

For many Black Friday can never be beaten. No matter what other discounts may be offered, Black Friday has almost developed its own culture. One that people are loyal to. Yes, people may toy with other shopping events, but the reality is that they will always look forward to Black Friday. No other global shopping event has the potential to generate the same buzz and levels of excitement.

Christopher Stern

Christopher Stern is a Washington-based reporter. Chris spent many years covering tech policy as a business reporter for renowned publications. He has extensive experience covering Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Federal Trade Commissions. He is a graduate of Middlebury College. Email:[email protected]

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