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How Can You Choose The Best Water Purifier For Your Home?

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Water purifiers are essential for your home because it gives you access to pure and clean drinking water that is required for each human being in this world. But everyone cannot access pure and fresh water, and India has been facing water scarcity for a long time. The water quality from multiple resources like groundwater or tanker-supplied water may not be new and pure as they contain pesticides, bacteria, total result solids and heavy metals. People are turning towards the best quality water purifiers to clean their drinking water. It is one of the reasons why you need to choose a water purifier for your home. 

If you are looking forward to purchasing a new water purifier for your home, you should also look for a water purifier service near me in Surat. It is because servicing your water purifier is one of the critical steps to maintaining it and assuring that your family gets pure water. It would help if you did not become overrun by multiple models and brands available in the market. This easy buying guide will help you narrow your search list and purchase the best water purifier according to your budget and needs. There are multiple kinds of water purifiers available in the market, and you need to know various things before you can begin shortlisting models and brands. 

What to Choose For Water Purification?

You need to know the quality and source of the water available near your home before understanding the kind of water purifier you need to buy. 

Total Dissolved Solids

Total dissolved solids describe the inorganic matter in your water. The main constituents are sodium, magnesium, calcium, hydrogen carbonate, and nitrite. A good quality water cleaner will remove the total dissolved solids and keep only the allowable amount in your water that is healthy for drinking. 

Types of Water Purification Systems

Multiple kinds of water purifiers are available in the market, and some utilise a combination of numerous Technologies. You must also look for an RO service near me in Surat if you choose an RO water purifier. Depending on the amount of total dissolved solids, you need to pick the kind of water purifier suiting your budget and demands. 

Advantages of RO Water Purification Systems

  • An RO water purifier contains a pump that helps push the water at tremendous pressure into the chamber with a membrane with pores in a dimension of 0.0001 micrometres. 
  • The impurities and total dissolved solids are left behind with the passage of water molecules through the pores. Some pollutants and dissolved solids are also discharged through another outlet which can be considered the reject line. 
  • Other than the membrane, multiple filtration elements offer a better procedure for increasing RO membranes’ longevity. 
  • The filtration procedure begins with the first filter, which you can consider the sediment filter because it eliminates all the suspended impurities. 
  • There is an activated carbon filter that removes pigments and chlorine from water. 
  • After the filtration process is completed, the carbon filter pushes the water to improve the look and taste of your drinking water. 
  • RO water purifier is one of the best water purification systems but demands electricity. It might also lead to the wastage of water if you do not maintain it properly. So, you need to look for a water purifier service near me in Surat. The professionals will keep your water purifier on an annual basis or buy yearly basis and make sure that your family gets pure water throughout the year. 

Things You Should Consider

There are multiple things that you require consideration before you choose the best water purifier model. It includes the storage tank, material, capacity, the capability to get cold and hot water AMC availability, maintenance cost and warranty. 

  • It would be best if you chose a storage tank according to the number of family members at your home; the bigger the number, the bigger the storage tank. 
  • You should consider the material and choose stainless steel water-purifier-storage tanks because they provide safety against the formation of germs and bacteria. 
  • You can choose water purifiers serving hot and cold water, which will be slightly higher on your budget. 


These are the things to look for before you purchase a water purifier. You must never forget to book RO service near me in Surat if you want to keep your water purifier clean and fresh throughout the year, free from bacteria and impurities. It will ensure that you and your family get pure water throughout the year.

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