How Could Far Infrared Technology Explained?

Far-Infrared Rays are invisible energy waves that cannot be seen by the human eye. These energy waves penetrate the skin’s surface. They operate to gently elevate the body’s surface temperature to 107.6 degrees Fahrenheit or higher while favorably engaging the body’s systems and processes for an optimal Healthy Line.

What is “far-infrared therapy”?

Far-infrared therapy involves the utilisation of far-infrared radiation. This phrase denotes a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Infrared is a kind of invisible light that may be detected as heat by humans. On the scale of light wavelengths, “far” refers to the longest wavelengths.

Comparing regular saunas to FIR saunas is likely to help you understand FIR therapy the best.

In conventional saunas, heat is utilised to warm the air within a room and warm the body. People frequent saunas due to the health benefits of heat therapy, including reducing physical soreness and developing relaxation.

On the other hand, infrared (FIR) saunas utilise light rather than heat. These far-infrared light waves produce heat within your body without needing to warm the surrounding air. FIR light is the light of choice for physiological therapy since it may reportedly transmit energy only as heat and penetrate deeper layers of bodily tissue. This is because FIR light may penetrate deeper tissue layers.

In addition, FIR therapy offers the same benefits as heat therapy without extreme heat, which is why manufacturers are incorporating it into everyday items such as pyjamas, bedsheets, and even panty liner inserts.

How does the Far Infrared Therapy function?

FIR heat lamps, saunas, and other weird personal tent-like devices may emit infrared light directly onto the body. This light may penetrate two to three centimetres (approximately an inch) into the skin’s surface. The body absorbs the light, which then triggers a series of physiological reactions.

When it comes to FIR clothes, bedding, and personal care products (like these FIR panty liners), your body initiates the heating or cooling process.

According to research, the FIR emission originates from the body, and the interwoven bioceramic particles in the product radiate the energy back into the body. While inside a structure, human bodies tend to be warmer than the surrounding air.

eNOS and the NO-increasing activity of FIR radiation treatment may have a common background; nonetheless, the mechanisms mentioned earlier cannot be ruled out as possible contributions. Shear stress is a significant determinant of endothelial function and phenotype in atherosclerosis, and an increase in blood flow generated by FIR treatment leads to a rise in shear stress. Additionally, a previous study has indicated that shear stress regulates the production of microRNAs in endothelial cells. It has been demonstrated that microRNAs modify the biology of endothelial cells by suppressing apoptosis and activating the NO pathway. Since FIR therapy increases shear stress levels by regulating the expression of miRNA, it has the potential to be utilised to treat cardiovascular disease. Overall, treatment with FIR rays accelerates blood flow to the periphery, resulting in increased shear stress. As a result, miRNA levels grow, which is followed by an increase in eNOS and NO production.

Wrapping it Up

Further study on a bigger scale is necessary, in my opinion, if we are to gain a clearer understanding of whether or not FIR therapy actually produces its promised results, namely improved sleep, healthy line and weight loss. Meanwhile, it is up to you to choose whether or not a pillowcase that costs $100 is worthwhile.

Even if nothing else occurs, sitting in a sauna may be pleasurable. Before investing in bioceramic clothes or bedding, I suggest trying out an FIR sauna. Inquire about FIR saunas with the member services department of the gym or fitness club where you are a member if you are interested. If yours offers a “dry sauna,” it’s the same thing: It’s a name given to FIR saunas because you won’t perspire as much as you would in a traditional sauna. Traditional saunas heat the room’s air using infrared radiation (FIR).

But if all you want to do is treat your painful muscles and this all seems a bit fishy, you may always immerse your body in subzero temperatures or wear inflated boots. These alternatives are both open to you.

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