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How Did Carol Sutton Died Who is Carol Sutton?

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Are you familiar with Queen Sugar? You must have seen the Queen Sugar series and know Aunt Martha, played on stage by Carol Sutton.

She dedicated her entire life to the Film Industry, appearing in over 100 films. Fans from the United States still shock at her passing. This article will discuss How Did Carol Sutton die as well as her film career.

Who is Carol Sutton?

Carol Sutton was born New Orleans. She is most well-known for her American films, television shows and American films. She was the mother to two children, and she was born December 3, 1944.

Carol Dickerson was the youngest of three siblings, born to Marguerite Bush and Amos Dickerson. She received her certification at Texas Southern University, and she worked for Total Community Action. She was unquestionably the “Queen of New Orleans Theater”

The news How did Carol Sutton die was shared by crew members and their followers when she passed away at 76.

Her film career

In 1974, she made her television debut with “The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman” on TV. She played the role of the black women and then went on to star in the theatre.

Carol’s most famous role was in 1989’s “steel Magnolias”, when she played the role of nurse Pam. She played Pope’s grandmother role on Netflix’s Outer Bank season 2. Unfortunately, the actress died during filming. Netflix recently released the trailer to honor Carol Sutton and viewers want to know What happened to Carol Sutton?

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She also appeared in movies like “monsterball”, “ray (2004)”, Deja vu (2006)”, and “inside out (2011)”. In 2014, she was Miss Delores on the television series “True Detective”. She also appeared in television series such as “The big easy (1996)”, “scream (2016)”, and “Queen Sugar (1999).

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From 1974 to 2020, she devoted 40 years of her life to acting. She also helped struggling families and children with disabilities. Her exceptional work as an actor, social activist, and humanitarian was praised by the entire industry. She retired in 2011 from social and educational work.

What did Carol Sutton die?

Her daughter was positive for COVID on November 10, 2020. Sutton was also diagnosed with COVID on November 10, 2020. On November 22, Sutton reported difficulty breathing again and was admitted to ICU. Unfortunately, her condition worsened and she passed away at the hospital on Thursday, December 10. Adrienne, her sister confirmed that she had died of coronavirus complications. To honor Sutton, crew members from the film industry stopped production.


It was hard to believe that Carol Sutton had not been with us when the news about her death “How Did Carol Sutton die” was posted on the internet in no time. She had a profound impact on the lives of local youth and was able to guide them along the right path. She is undoubtedly a legend, and she will always be in our hearts. For more information, please visit this link.

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