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how did daniel mikaelson die who is daniel mikaelson?

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Daniel is the seventh child Mikael, Esther’s. He is the younger brother to Freya Mikaelson and Finn Mikaelson as well as Elijah Mikaelson and Kol Mikaelson. He also happens to be the older brother to Henrik Mikaelson. Daniel is also the younger half brother of Niklaus Mikaelson and the uncle to Hope Mikaelson and an unnamed nephew.

Daniel is part of the Mikaelson Family as well as an unnamed Witch Family.

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  • Human/Witch
  • Original Vampire (1st Time)
  • Ghost
  • Original Vampire (2nd Time)
  • Reaper

He is a careless and caring teenage boy in flashbacks, which show Daniel before he was turned into a vampire. He was not afraid of his father, unlike his siblings. Kol and Daniel were the only siblings to tap into their power, apart from Freya, their older sister. His vampire powers gave him an air of arrogance and supreme confidence. He was able to be confident in all he did, no matter what obstacles he faced, and he didn’t fear any consequences.

He is able to control his temper and view situations with curiosity and amusement, even when he doesn’t get what he wants. He can only be angry at someone he loves, such as his family or friends, by launching a personal attack or attack.

Daniel had no fear of werewolves, vampires or witches other than his own. He treated them with respect despite all their threats. He did accept Bonnie Bennett’s offer.

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Despite his many flaws, Daniel was loyal and cared about others. He even showed a lot of remorse for his mistakes. Although he can be ruthless at times, he is actually kind and fair and has changed since the time he died. He was still haunted by guilt at his actions as an original vampire and even questioned why he was being brought back.

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Daniel’s personality has returned to New Orleans after he was reunited with his siblings. He confesses to hating every aspect of being a vampire. He doesn’t drink from the vein and he can’t seem to control his hunger when he smells blood. He is constantly thinking about the sins he has committed as an original vampire. It was to the point where he felt that he didn’t deserve redemption or happiness. Even destroying his daylight rings, he felt that he had to live with his punishment.

Daniel was very self-destructive and was susceptible to long periods of doubt, depression, and regret. He was deeply affected by the thought of being forgiven and allowed to live his life again. He was compassionate, caring, loving, understanding, generous, kind, thoughtful, altruistic and selfless. He didn’t like to see anyone suffering, or in pain, physical, mental, or spiritual. He was willing to help others when they needed it most, and would prioritize the needs of others over his own. If they caused any harm to anyone else, he was prepared to kill them.

Marcel interrogated Daniel about his past actions and Daniel said that he was a lost soul who cannot be saved.

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Daniel, upon his transformation into the Reaper, became brutally honest and internalized anger. He had a radical personality change, becoming less caring and more hostile. He was uncaring but would fight for his friends, and would react with devastation to any harm they suffered.

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