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South African infamous drug lord, Glenn Agliotti, known for his deep connections with the criminal underworld, has breathed his last. On Friday, June 30, 2023 he passed away while receiving care in Johannesburg, South Africa hospital. Since news of his demise spread rapidly among media and the general public alike, interest surrounding its cause has significantly grown. In this article, we delve into the available details surrounding Glenn Agliotti’s death.

H2: Details on Glenn Agliotti’s Final Moments

Glenn Agliotti, a prominent figure in the South African criminal world, met his end on Friday evening in a Johannesburg hospital. Lieutenant-Colonel Mavela Masondo, the police spokesperson, confirmed the news of Agliotti’s death. According to Masondo, the authorities were alerted about Agliotti’s death shortly after 7 pm when an inquest docket was filed.

Police Investigation into the Cause of Death

Lieutenant-Colonel Mavela Masondo remarked, “Police can confirm that an inquest docket has been opened at Douglasdale police station. A postmortem will be conducted to determine the cause of death.” The actual cause behind Glenn Agliotti’s demise remains unclear at this time. Notably, Agliotti’s health had been deteriorating over the past months, which has led to speculations regarding the role it might have played in his death.

Glenn Agliotti: A Retrospect of His Dark Legacy

Glenn Agliotti had been a major player in the South African drug scene for a considerable time. However, his name rose to prominence in 2010 due to his involvement in the conviction of Jackie Selebi, the former police chief of South Africa.

Agliotti’s Role in Jackie Selebi’s Conviction

Agliotti was implicated in offering bribes to Jackie Selebi in the form of money and luxurious items in exchange for insider information to shield himself from investigations. Selebi’s trial garnered national attention as he was the first black national police commissioner found guilty of accepting bribes from a drug lord.

Connections to High-Profile Murder

Apart from the corruption case, Agliotti was also linked to the 2005 murder of mining billionaire Brett Kebble. His connections to such high-profile cases reflected the extent and reach of his influence within the criminal world.

Concluding Remarks

Glenn Agliotti’s death marks the end of a chapter in South Africa’s criminal history. As investigations into his death continue, many are contemplating the legacy he leaves behind: one fraught with corruption, crime and sinister connections. Stay tuned for future developments of this ongoing story!

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