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How Did Momiji Break His Curse Who is Sohma’s Momija?

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Do you like watching an animated series called fruit basket? Well, you’ve heard the name of the Momija, which is one of the most repeated characters in this series.

So spectators can have questions How Did Momiji Break His Curse. So on this particular blog you will receive a clear picture of the momine broken curse. The momine figure is half a half-day and a half-japanese, both of the Father and the side of the mother. Many of the main spectators of a US Basketball Series are looking for information!

So have a more transparent idea of ​​mommy characters and review history. All you need to do is read complete blogs to have clear knowledge.

Who is Sohma’s Momija?

• Sohma momine is a repeated character of one series named fruit basket. He is a mixture of both Japanese and German because his father was a Japanese, and his mother was German.

• Generally asked How Did Momiji Break His Curse.

• Momiji, according to Chinese zodiac, is a rabbit. He is marked as a cheerful, childish and sweet boy.

• Despite the child and merry behaviors, he hides all his pain from a sad family. So every time, he hides all suffering behind his smile.

• He’s a lonely child and live alone at Sohma’s house, when his mother left him completely when she took him.

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• It is said that his mother regrets the birth of anomy. For this reason, Momiji Sister Momo does not know about your brother’s existence

How Did Momiji Break His Curse?

Momiji Curse is a rabbit according to the Chinese zodiac sign. Each time the momine passes under some tensions or stress, and if any gender hugs him, he is transformed into a rabbit.

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Like each damned Sohma, individual animals of the Chinese zodiac sign is pulled out to Sohma, and in the case of anomy, his rabbit.

It was found that Curse of Momiji is broken at the end, and he was not aware of it. When he received confirmation that his curse failed, his tears broke down, and he promised to live happily ever after.

More information about Momiji:

As we have already read How Did Momiji Break His Curse, let’s read more about him!

At the beginning of the Momiji series was a tiny and a short boy who was considered a sharp and cheerful character of a series of fruit basketball.

It carries blond wavy hair in short, malicious eyes, everything inherited from his mother. Initially, he has a female dress pattern, cute and Frying Accessories.

He also used girls uniforms in school with shorts than lower. He also served to paint his nails and wear earrings.


Momiji seems to be the main hero of a fruit basket series. Being a charming and cheerful child is the most liked character. Finally, Momiji Curse will fall apart. How Did Momiji Break His Curse already given above.

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