How Did the Pandemic Make Students Choose College Essay Writing Services?

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, the world has faced huge changes. One of the most impacted sectors is the educational institutes. The pandemic has brought many changes to educational institutes like the college essay writing, teaching, etc. 

When they started the concept of social distancing as a measure for covid19, the effects on colleges were that they were closed and everything became online. It also led to some effects on writing college essays.

The colleges are really shifting the way they look at students. Colleges want essays to be written so that students can get more marks in their respective courses which they choose. Professors are making sure that the essays are very well addressed and pin pointing towards the solution to which a question is put to. Students find them very hard and challenging, so they turn up to a college essay writing service instead.

Also, students opt for works outside of college hours which makes it even more difficult for them to write an essay or even to dedicate time for preparing for studying. This makes it even more difficult to write college essays Now some see the chance to get more marks build a better career by opting a college essay service.

So, here’s are the details of the few changes that made students choose college essay writing services during the pandemic. 

4 Changes That Highly Impacted Students To Choose College Essay Writing Services

Changes in the grades

All the colleges are closed in this pandemic situation, and exams are being taken online. Such online measures for classes and exams are taking place for the first time. It’s the first time for every student to learn in such an environment and setting.

Moreover, this disproportionately affects low-income students since they may not have accessibility to technologies required for online education. The number of students attending online learning decreased to half of the previous quantity. 

In such situations, grades don’t matter as they did before. Hence, the most crucial matter of concern is that either the students fail or pass. It has led to a simplified means of grading.

But students with high ambitions of standing out with their college essays found the way to get more grades by choosing college essay writing services and got more marks than those who didn’t choose one and those who choose to write their essays on their own.

Changes in the standardized testing

Another reason why students choose college essay help services is that the standardized semester tests are the most significant change in colleges and due to the covid pandemic, many standard tests were canceled. 

Colleges now have to think of new testing strategies to check the identities, interests and talent of students. Many colleges started adopting test-flexible, test-optional, and test-blind strategies. 

Test-flexible strategy means students can add results from other external-semester exams conducted before or submit other documents instead of a test scores. Test-optional means students can decide whether they want to submit their semester test scores along with the college essays or not. Whereas test-blind means scores won’t be considered when submitted. 

It is suggested that students took external-semester exams conducted before and submitted the test scores along with the college essays. Suppose if two students from the same class, having the same subjects and a college essay, writes the semester, then, in that situation, the student with a good college essay would get more marks over the one who doesn’t. The one who got more marks would have chosen to opt a college essay writing service. 

Changes in the admission applications as well

The pandemic has also affected the common application requirements for the college admission process. Admission tests aren’t mandatory for college admission applications anymore. There is an increase in the test-optional methods of applications for admissions as well, just like semester options as discussed above. 

Grades or test scores aren’t in trend for college admissions anymore, students find new ways to stand out through their applications. Many colleges are also looking at how students perform in their extracurriculars such as sports and volunteer work. They also check how students learn from experience. 

Hence, students can focus on adding these to their applications. Colleges are also focusing on how the students are doing in terms of volunteer work. 

Some colleges prefer college admission essays with applications to ensure which students will be preferred upon the significant number of students applying for admission. College application essays can help students stand out if they write good quality college essays as per the essay prompt, increasing their chances of getting admission. 

Prices also favour low-income students

As a result of social distancing measures, colleges have modified everything to online mode. It is one of the most significant changes of the Covid19 pandemic and the main reason why students choose college essay services. 

Everything is happening through online mode, students who are worried about their low income can save a lot through online classes as they don’t have to pay or spend much on transport, hostels, food or canteens, etc. The money which they save on these can be spent on college essay writing services which reduces their academic burns and makes their work easier for the colleges in terms of getting good grades or spending time doing their homework.


Education plays an important role in our lives. So Covid19 comes with both advantages and disadvantages for some students and they find it easier to finish a college essay because they adopt a college essay writing service which is available online and there’s no need to put pressure on themselves to learn and write a college essay for themselves. Also, financially unstable students find it more advantageous because they are able to beat the expenses of choosing a college essay writing service. It can be said that the covid phase has revolutionized how students write college essays. If you are interested read our blog on why should you consider hiring a professional essay writer.

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