How Do I Fight a Traffic Ticket in Saskatchewan?

Imagine you are driving your car in the streets of Canada. You park your car near a shop to buy some groceries. Suddenly, you are charged with a parking ticket when you return in a few moments.

So, what to do in this situation? As you have been charged with a traffic rule violation, you can consult with a Regina ticket lawyer.

Let’s know how do you fight a traffic ticket in Saskatchewan or Missouri Traffic Tickets with the help of a lawyer.

Before that, let’s know about the types of traffic tickets.

Types of Traffic Tickets

In Canada, if police issue a traffic ticket, there are normally 3 kinds of Provincial Offence Notice.

They are:

  1. A Parking Ticket
  2. An Offence Ticket (speeding ticket)
  3. A Summons to appear in court.

Parking Ticket

For a parking ticket, 2 occurrences can occur.

  • Pay the total amount of the ticket.
  • Ask for a trial date received on the back of the ticket.

If you do not do these things and do not attend court for your trial, you may find guilty.

Offence Ticket

The offence ticket basically lists the offence, the time and date, and how to respond—such as paying a fee or appearing in court. You have three options to consider when you are charged with an offence notice.

Firstly, you can sign the ticket by pleading guilty. 

Secondly, if you plead guilty, you must go to court and speak with justice for an explanation. The judge may lower your fine or extend the period depending on your justification. 

Thirdly, by selecting the trial option, you can dispute the charge. If you choose this option, you must make a court appearance and contact the court office.

Now, if you don’t respond to the ticket and it’s in perfect condition, you’ll be convicted. If the ticket has fatal flaws, the court will dismiss it.

For instance, if the officer didn’t sign the ticket, there would be no reference to the time or place of the offence.

Summons Ticket

A summons ticket requires a given date and time for you to appear in court. If you fail to appear, you will be charged with a serious crime and should consult with a lawyer. A summon ticket is usually issued for serious offences.

The penalties need a fine between $500 and $5000 or jail sentences, depending on the condition.

4 Steps for Fighting a Traffic Ticket in Saskatchewan

Here, we are how you will fight for a traffic ticket in just 4 steps.

Show up in Court

There is a decent chance of an automatic win when you appear in court for your case.

The police officer who issued you the traffic ticket won’t be available for various reasons (sick, tied up with something else, etc.) for your presence in court.

Request Disclosure Immediately

After requesting a court date, you’ll get a letter with your court date. Now, file for the disclosure before you give the court leverage. It implies you must see the police officer’s notes before the hearing.

It may be possible to win the case if there are mistakes in the officer’s notes. Therefore, clarify where the occurrence occurred, what you were charged with, specifications about your car, or other relevant information. 

Additionally, you must defend yourself so that you are aware of the proof. If your ticket was issued using a radar gun, request a copy of the calibration documents. If you’re lucky, the calibration will occasionally invalidate the entire case. 

Furthermore, you can always ask for a typed version of notes if the officer’s notes are not readable.  As a result, the judge will eventually dismiss the case because of how disorganized it is. Try to get to know the names of the people if documents are not sent to you.

Keep Track of the Calendar

According to section 11b of The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, the courts should dismiss the case. It happens if your court date is more than a year after the date of the offence.

It will only work if you’ve taken steps to delay the case for your gain. There should be no fault of your own.

Pay the Fine

If you find out that court day is coming and the officer who issued the ticket has excellent note-taking skills, then there is no other way.

You have to pay the fine. But if there is a traffic ticket issue, you must consult a lawyer. 


In conclusion, to successfully fight a traffic citation in Canada, you must be proactive and fully aware of your legal options. You can build a strong defence case by making a timely and proper disclosure request. Be informed and beat the ticket by avoiding the consequences that come with it.

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