How Do I Integrate Payments In Google Forms?

Businesses and users of Google Forms might be aware that they offer a variety of templates to choose from. Along with the wide range of templates for shopping checkouts, listing items for sale and customer feedback surveys, unfortunately, google Forms do not provide a direct way to collect payments. 

However, one can always go for integration of payments through different other ways.This is how online businesses all around the world use google forms for their payment purposes. There are four easy steps to do the process.

Use Add-On To Accept Payments Directly

The most appropriate and alternative way to accept payment using a Google Form directly is to install Add-ons. This will enable the payment process with stripe.  

  • Firstly, For this purpose, one should have a stripe account if it exists you can directly attach the add-ons to it. As soon as this is done the customers are now able to pay directly after the checkout. They will reach the striped page and proceed to pay. 
  • These Add-ons will identify the payments on their own. 
  • Thirdly, this will give you a secure checkout environment to work on because some service providers offer test modes. 
  • Finally, one can also track their customer’s payments via google forms.
  • You can get Payable Forms Google Addon here

Linking A Third-Party Website

Another alternative way to integrate payments is to link google forms with a website like PayPal or stripe. For this purpose, one must attach a link to the checkout page and attach it to your third-party website. 

As soon as the customer is ready to pay, he will be able to click on that link which will lead him to the website. In this form of payment, businesses are supposed to ask for a fixed amount from their customers. 

Peer-To-Peer Payment

This payment method is somehow not recommended however, one can use it anyways. This method involves payment through PayPal, Payoneer, or any other international bank account by attaching information about it on the website. Once you have attached the link people are supposed to pay through your bank account and show a screenshot in the form of evidence. 

Using Follow-Ups Via Emails

You can check up on the payments in the form of individual payments as well as through merged emails. 

Form Building Websites

There are various form-building websites like Pabbly, payable where a business owner can design different forms for integrated payments. These forms will help you get payments directly from the customers themselves. 


In conclusion, Google Forms always wins whenever it comes to online businesses, ticket collection, surveys, and many other purposes. Many people don’t know that google forms can now be used to integrate payments of their customers. 

Google forms don’t directly provide this facility. Nevertheless, to minimise this problem many websites are now providing forms to build for integration purposes. Other than them there are many other alternative ways to get payments through google forms like PayPal, emails, and peer-to-peer. 

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